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poetic love

creative imagination

you create thoughts
visions from your rife imagination
single ones will love to share
what you deem to create,
in the wildest of dreams
they can't imagine…
how love can simply flow
from a single glow
seed electric currents
of such high voltage
none can hope to blow….

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


A walk among the thoughts of many,
As the feelings take their seeds from many places.
Planting them all just for the satisfaction
of seeing or feeling something grow.
Think with the wisdom of the years
Lean to the good side
let truth make the selection
take their grip of your ways,
love as if it is your first love.
Walk within yourself
If the pathway needs a tidy
Then sweep it with the broom
Of unconditional love.
All things can only be yours
If you strive for perfection
Take our thoughts
Let them play with your truths
Etc: Etc:
A good write young Bard just wondering who it was for ???? I is just playing I must be bored Lol..
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

creative imagination is my weakness...

here Ian
only you are the sole commentator
alongside me
and as long as you comment
I shall continue to compose poetry
some day some one shall read me
and ask thee
who was friendly Lovedly
what then will say ye??

you all have to read
and go to their pages to read
as thanks
then only will you be read

one whole year none read me
now over 1000
read me daily..
Dear friends ....


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