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own land my experience

own land my experience

if upon it you can stand
never own land
which you will control by remote
in any case such land is of no use
why land abuse?
so hold the land while you live
not too much of it
ere others want to kill
then when you are done with ,
the land should be sufficient
wherein you can be buried in it..
that's all your share,
then leave the unknown land
of this planet
you may upon times domain

Style / type: 
Free verse
Editing stage: 


Just a bit of fun:-
In the beginning the world was without man
Then God made Adam in humon form quite sad
He owned all the land, even some he could not see
Then along came Eve she said share with me

Then stupidly they began to begat, had children
No control from them the world did grow???
Each one as they arrived
Would take their share of the Earth while alive

Now seven billion walk the world
Each with their little bit of Earth
What the hell, they own nothing of the place they walk
Mutter mutter it's a wonder they talk.

I give up, you own only your Soul/Spirit
the rest you will leave here on or in the Earth.
Have a fun day real estate is just a passing dream.

Good write there Loved, Yours Ian.T, in rented property

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Now seven billion walk the world????

no no
7.25 billion ....C R A W A L LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

and yell for some more
from moon they bring gravel now..
just to be sure


author comment

We don't even own that final resting place as they can be double upped and/or relocated lol.........stan

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