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Neopoet Renga 4

Heavenly sovereign
Almighty rightfully rules
Earthly citizen.

Terrene rulership struggle
Blue, red fight for sovereignty

They lost their belief
Because they refuse to see
The goodness inside

Walk now with purest feelings
Of Unconditional love

Till time comes we meet
Those gone before us again
On heavenly grounds

One nation many faces
Come together under God

Snow circles windows
A painting of dawn relief
Night comes in quarters

Munimented in our hearts
And forever comes the drift

Scrawled on windowsills
Nails scratch crystalline etchings
From our loved ones' past

The words cryptic to the mind
Fluent in love's shared language

Nature holds our loved
Nn memories and yet more
Spirit parts of all

Covered by soft drifting snow
Purity coats our landscape

A new day substance
Smoothed the pure scene, of life’s dream
I am clean, yes clean

Can we just keep the pure snow?
Life would be a gentle flow..

Only tears of joy
Life pure as the driven snow
No more afflictions

Chaste love kindness compassion
Sunshine forever faces

And new beginnings
Dreamer's visions created
What our selves hope for

Wander onto vision's edge
Look at clouds from both sides now

I give you a rose
To hold my love truthfully
Also for your Loves

Take it hold the perfect dream
Stay true to all those around

Summer down under
Rainstorms are out of season
Here in New England

England waits, the flood subsides
Wonder where it has all gone?

England flushed it south
That chanel rose, lost compose
France has wet it's pants

Englanders sought roof's refuge
First responders propel boats


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Hi Barbara
probably doing this wrong but I'm giving it a go just what popped into my head won't think about it anymore or will get to nervous

hope I'm posting correctly

Irishman no stress
it's always dry in the pub
amused by panic

This is good, but in wrong place lol. here's the link to the workshop. I'll add your name now and you're in. just repost this in comments there. thanks for joining.

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author comment

That all nations die
Not knowing our present
Stops all the worry

That we know of their past ways
Endeavour to correct wrongs

This last line was hard to fix hope it is suitable, Take care thinking of you, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Just to carry on with the Renga,
Yours Ian.T

The waters subside once more
How many times to endure

We move on stronger
Helping out our friends again
It's always our way

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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