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My Pal Jet.

I named him Jet.
My favourite pet,
The only pet I ever owned,
Dad found him wandering in a field,
Picked him up and brought him home;
We were friend and playmates for
Oh! I don't know how long
Till the day he decided to leave;
One morning he was there, by evening, gone,
No clue as to where he may be;
I hunted for days, in hedgerows and fields
but I never saw him again;
I hope he was happy, maybe found a mate
To sire more of the tortoise strain.

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they are like that! My bro and I lived next to a wildlife refuge, in Conn. We used to get all sorts of animals in our yard.
We lived in an old motel complex, that had sliding glass doors facing the yard. Imagine our surprise when we found a huge old tortoise sunning himself one late Spring Day! He hung around for a couple of days, and we fed him some melon, berries and leafy green stuff. One morning, we were loaded up to feed him breakfast and he was nowhere to be found. Never did see him again, in the two more years we lived there. I guess they don't move fast, but when they do decide to go...
Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed reliving those moments of hand-feeding a wonderful animal. Thank you for sharing. ~ Geez.

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I was sorry when he went. When Dad found him he had a hole drilled at the back of his shell. I assume so he could be attached and not escape. I was loathe to tie him on but I never could work out how he got out of his pen. Alex

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Having a pet is one of the most wonderful things to be experienced. I am happy to read that you had your time with Jet.

*hugs, Cat

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The only real pet I had though I did keep Cochin Bantams. My dad bred rare breeds of poultry when he (semi) retired and he always had a large Cochin Or Brahma Cockerill sat on the front passenger seat of his van. Most people have a dog but his Cockerels were a talking point. Alex

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Ha haa, Wonderful tale, Alex.
I understand they live for hundreds of years?
it would be nice to think that Jet got his end away wouldn't it.

Perhaps one day he may return with his offspring !


A friend of mine had a tortoise about the same size. We had no idea what sex they were so used to put them together to see what would happen. They just crashed shells with each other, sort of fighting I suppose. Alex

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Loved your descriptions and affection. Aren't pets just the best? Thanks for sharing.

Thank you,
Mary Beth

Because your words have touched my heart,
I stopped to share a little part.
Be nice, supportive, kind to all
As we walk through this Poetry Hall.

Glad you enjoyed it. I really missed my Jet. The only pets i have had since then are fish. I don't want cats or dogs or anything faster than me. Alex

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Jet probably wandered off and dug a burrow and went off looking for a mate, but he just might be out there still. They live to
be 100 years plus I hear. I love pets and I can feel how dear Jet was to you, but I can't figure out how he got out of his enclosure either?

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He was not kept in an enclosure. Because of the hole in the back of his shell he was tethered, when he went it had become untied. There were several tortoises kept in our area at that time. Another friend had a large one with only one eye he named Nelson. (I won't crack the old gag.) Alex.

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