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All that has died in me
lives in memory’s keep
shadows deep
melancholy blue

in a crcle never-ending
relentless and unforgiving
I am taken back back
to wounds ever bleeding

Who I am today
will die to tomorrow
and when the world I know
begins to fade a way
I sink
into shadows deep
melancholy blue.......

Editing stage: 


to say the least. It takes me around and around. ~ Gee

Yes. Melancholy is a circle difficult to break, like some in Dante's INFERNO are swept away in a never ending circle of eternal fornication as punishment for some carnal sin. :)

author comment

punishment? I don't see how, unless you can't stop to eat or drink and you get hungry and thirsty. LOL ~ Gee

this seems more a song than a poem

shadows deep
memory’s keep
melancholy blue.

thats the chorus..

Yes, I could have made it lyrics.

author comment
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