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meditate or medicate

meditation then medication

what we miss out in life
for sound health is
more of meditation

certainly more than medication

the former helps us stabilize better
than the latter

Yet the docs do never prescribe
what this self made does
yeah this scribe...

First and foremost
meditation be your whole souls host

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


In United States the sale of this is
as large as the sale of weapons

In our country we have "state" issued
health coverage..and for those disabled
the cost of medication is pretty much
absorbed by the state...which means
you are given "X" amount of dollars on
which to subsist. And on taxation on
fuel for heat..For the purchase of food
Trucked in from far away places is very
high Entertainment for meditation
or relaxation is enormous...Tickets to
the local theatre range from fifty dollars
to seventy five dollars for seating for
visiting comedians or plays put on by
local talent which are very excellent..
five dollars by transit or twenty for cab
for a late night theatre showing...fifteen
for a ticket and fifteen for pop and popcorn
is so desired and afforded....

Cable companies for television shows and
internet wi fi hook up or high speed which
is needed for vieweing movies online or
documentaries for resting the soul and mind
is expensive also....Basic packaging comes
in small blocks...built up from nothing into
a large bundled pack and basic service
blocks without running any viewable content
is fifty and upwards

Libraries up here thanks to the Carnegie Steel
Corporation in the twenties built libraries for
the people..Philanthropy to promote the study of intellct
and freedom of expression to enliven the populace
through fiction and facts..These are free with basic
card purchase which is about two cups of coffee
and twenty five cents for photocopy material
They have excellent books and magazines and
newspapers and seating... One can borrow
cds for yoga ti chi and all other forms of relaxing etc and movies

Our free state provided health coverage is so corrupt
even though our hospitals and doctor shortage so
dire and widespread and wait times incredibly long
that Americans can recieve an illegal health card and
come north over the border for operations all the time
and to purchase medications that otherwise would
cost them a fortune over the counter in the states

and the substances created in america that Canadians
cannot readily recieve up here as much anymore that
are narcotic based can be found on an over the border hop
in America or in Mexico also

it is so accepted and tolerated in this province that the
health card which required a face image and signature
from the goverment is not recognized as a legal form
of document

I view the world with open eyes although I had ideals
about life long ago

In our city here there are many trail systems although
its best suggested in todays world to travel with a phone
a sturdy dog and a companion as there is no safe place
anywhere in the world to be perfectly rational about it

however these wild places that we have taken over in
our domination of the planet as a species offers some
small glades of respite and majestic adaptation with
our park systems and benchs set up...Public beachs
and for us Crown Lands...(Lands owned by the Queen
before our accepted separation not long ago..but we
still recognize the crown here due to the british rule
for like ever)

People need medication
and we can recieve it
the qaulity is improving
and generic items are cheaper

for soothing the soul though even
my doctor is happy that Im walking
biking as much as I am
and my dogs taking me on walks
in the morning for half an hour a
day four to five times a day has
done an amazing boon to my health
mentally and spiritually

I still require my meds and recognize
for myself that with them I can live
an increased life of qaulity more
stable then when I tried without them
meditation included then

swimming canoeing in those days

many people seek alternatives due to
cost too...its more discipline a work
there is so much rapid ease at times
to just medicate and fall under that
helpful affect or effect

so much more
things too in all this
living conditions too

must go

Great Poem Loved!

encycl what??? pedia
will read tomorrow
its now late and very cold


author comment

meditation first, yes I totally agree, but I have a physiological condition that requires medication for my mental well being. Just lucky that I live in a country that provides that for about $2 a month.

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'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

if you meditate a bit ...wee bit more
then you will also save the dollars all the best


author comment

Neo is therapy..I lived on Mental wards
on and off and in drunk tanks for jail
a few times..Nice ones...Lucky really!

the psych wards has its own pecking order
like the streets

cant afford meds or get doctor or stay on meds
and say Pick an addiction instead to try to deal
with issues

which leads to more

I think of Dylan Thomas and Kerouack
who drank pretty heavy

I just got my meds again today
all free but the total is like one hundred
fifty dollars...Unless there is a drug plan
provided one pays into this or works for
a place that has this...In recession all
this hard and won fought for stuff from
old days to now gets shaved...and or the
companies pull over to relocate to cheaper

Funny because Dylan and Jack wrote of nature
and its wonderful tonic...places they both were

I have my hill view here and little walks
and even today went with the dogs and enjoyed
their antics greatly

Thank You

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