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Love At First BITE!

Love is just something
That happens
Between any two
Single or married
Men or women
Gals with guys
Gals with gals
Guys and guys too,
Old and young,
Between strangers
It just happens
At the spur of the moment

To carry it further
Depends on circumstances
As well as situations
Of course individual decisions
Keeping the societal norms
Also cultural dispositions,
Between peoples of different nations

But the American and Canadian worlds
Are a social conglomeration
Their reactions are broad based
Yes have to be entirely different
So love yes it just happens.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Editing stage: 


Expose their minds for what else has poetry a spoken mind of thoughts yours different than mine shine shirley shine the freedom to express is thine my mind just speaks at times without thought a discussion as you say on love van be brought or bought whichever suits thee friend shirley i have just composed a poem to merit thee

Expose their minds
For what else has poetry?
A spoken mind of thoughts
Yours different than mine
Shine Shirley shine
The freedom to express is thine
My mind just speaks
At times without thought
A discussion as you says on love
Can be brought or bought
Whichever suits thee friend Shirley
I’ve just composed a poem
To merit thee



author comment

You could title this *Love at first Bite*, having bitten into the fruit....knowledge--what is good and bad?

Love would transmute,transcend and translate either and both, eh?




GR88 8888888

Tis better to have had a bite
Than not
Isn’t that right?
The bite if hadn't been taken
Where would have then
Humans been laden
Love is the essence of a bite
Take a bite as you might
Or have an eyeful delight
You enjoy that memorable sight


author comment



author comment
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