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Look Into Our Eyes

The golden light of the sunset
Has long been gone since that fated moment we met.
The blood-stained sky now
Is this what you meant by your vow?

I thought freedom was a vast field
Where our broken souls would be healed.
Why is it set ablaze
Like the fire in your gaze?

Gentle smile is now emptiness;
Laughter, a cry of sadness.
Is this the future you've longed for,
Faces abandoned by radiance of color?

You fight, you said, for our tomorrow
For the opening of a path so narrow
And fulfill Heaven's deepest wish -
To end the reign of the selfish.

Look into my eyes
Tell me, were your words nothing but lies?
When we put our faith in your hands,
Answer me, did they slip through like sands?

You slay those you believe are astray.
Would you please listen to what they pray?
They pray for us, but we are here
Shedding their blood and casting fear.

You want to grant us liberty.
But look into our eyes and what do you see?
Are the tears the one you desire?
Are their blood what you use to ignite the fire?
Is our despair the happiness you vision,
The one you carry as your absolute mission?

You said you wanted to see
A future of eternal harmony
In which the veiled ones and the free
Walk hand in hand in affinity.
But, the veiled ones now shiver in fear
Their powerless cries you refuse to hear.
The free ones lay dead on the floor
Their dreams and future are no more.

Is freedom worth fighting for
If power is what lies in the core
That burns in your soul
And make the funeral bells toll?
Is power worth the lives
Of those slain by your knives?
Will your throne be as high
As the piles of those who die?
Will your God not weep
For the lives you failed to keep?
Will He not mourn
For the hearts you've torn?

Look into the children's eyes and you tell me.
Are their vision as bleak as mine you see?
Do they have to hide and tremble in fear
As you announce your presence here?

Is your heart as black as the abyss
That in their death you find bliss?
Must there be rupture
To achieve your rapture?
Must you throw us into desperation
To find the longed-dreamed redemption?
Are you pushing us deep into confusion
And let us die for your ambition?
Is this what you've always wanted,
From your throne, to see us all dead?

Look into our empty eyes and tell us who we are.
We are the ones to be sacrificed in your war.
Look towards the sky, look into your God's eyes
Is it right to shed the blood of those you despise?
Is this what your God truly commands,
To end lives by your cruel hands?
Look into your God's eyes and tell me,
Can all of these make Him happy?

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Something written many years ago and left unpolished until now. Once I am back on track, I will try to write more poems and read more works here and also, be more active. Anyway, please excuse this unpolished work.
Editing stage: 


It is beautifully written and powerful.

I can only guess that there is confusion over the word 'you'.
Yes, really, we don't know if you are talking to god or an ex-lover. And that is a very serious confusion.

I've done a reading, I hope it does it some justice.

You tell us what you can do to make it worthy of the attention it deserves.

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