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Listening to the Wind in my Carob Tree

When night zephyrs raise fairy dust and lay
it finely upon my writing desk, that’s when
I sense history’s presence in my home.

All is still but for the rustling of a Carob’s branches
against the rain gutters. I perceive easterly
zephyrs whisper tales of distant events:
Turkey’s fairy chimneys take form before my mind’s eye;
I see zealous Crusaders—thousands of children,
barely in their puberty—swarming like locusts
through fertile valleys nestled among cultivated
mountainsides. Starvation compelled most
to abandon their quest for the Holy Land
and return; others were taken to slave markets
never to return to France, Germany, and Italy.

I gaze at countless pigeons nesting in stone
cavities and on shelves, flying back and forth,
with wings stretched forth like those of angels,
gliding effortlessly, buoyed by Turkey’s hot winds.
Are these the souls of long-lost, misguided children?

The breeze subsides, and as I close this chapter
of the Children’s Crusade, I seem to hear young voices:
“Lord God, exalt Christianity.
Lord God, restore to us the true cross.”

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Free verse
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Not Explicit Content


if you are using Children's Crusade as a metaphor? I've not heard of such. Although, it does seem like it would be something that had happened to children in the Middle Ages. I imagine that during the great plague and famine years, that it would have happened that there were many children left homeless and hungry. The writer seems to be a man of religious bent and maybe not even a Christian, but concerned for the children. Your language use is good and the theme interesting. Nice story and well told. ~ Geez.

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no metaphor but fact. Actually there were two children crusades, but the one that took place in1212 was more notable than the one in 1217 because it was endorsed by kings and notably by Pope Innocent III in an attempt to free the Holy Land from the Moors, meaning Arabs. Hard to imagine children attempting feats where Christian knights had failed. Just thinking about the follies of war and what motivated humans to take up arms. It was brainwashing of the innocents, of course. I call it: misguided religious fervor or nuttiness that had prevailed throughout the ages. Very few kids ever saw their homelands again. Of course, there is much more to this tragic story.
Thanks, Sir Geezer.

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