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The Tarot Reader

Canto I
“If truth lies in the Tarot cards,
then strength and weakness
will be revealed in such a deck;
with joy should one embrace the signs
that promise guidance through our lives.

Canto II
“Then, let the stars restore our troubled souls,
bring serene quietude and quench
the searing sadness in our hearts;
whatever grief tore them apart,
surely, we will find our peace.”

(The soothsayer lays out the cards)

“Canto III
In shadows lie the answers to your inquiries;
the Moon does only offer dreams, illusions,
should you gaze too long into Diana’s
mesmerizing face. Her answers one fears
and hopes are as shadowy as moonlight
itself; can true responses ever
be obtained? She lights the world,
but only to the point of uncertainty, and
withholds what truly lies ahead of you.”

(She flips over several cards)

“Canto IV
Happiness is in the sun’s face; Phoebus
offers you a time of happiness, joyous
optimism and wondrous energy . . . .
Then it’s time that all frolicking must cease,
for the Judgment card urges you to seek
a higher calling; it’s time to contemplate life.”

(Blah, blah, blah . . . .)

Canto V
“There’s something you should be doing in your life,”
(so she says) “something that would be significantly
different from the mundane—and enhance your spiritual
growth. Be willing to accept these messages—
and my modest charge for this reading.”

I pay, but now—Fortuna spins me even faster on her wheel.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Direction): 
How was my language use?
How does this theme appeal to you?
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Not Explicit Content


with little description, just relying on the images one holds in their head... fantastic. The Cantos are a fantastic way of seperating directions...

Really nice piece.

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drawing the line with an occasional Chinese fortune cookie, I am no friend of soothsayers and such, lol. I had a senile old aunt who would have her fortune (palm) read till she ran out of money. She left me none when she died--and that was the tragedy. Between the t.v. preacher and the palmist . . .oops. there went her small fortune, leaving me high and dry. And there the old biddy always pretended I was her favorite! Thanks, for commenting, Ray. Jerry

author comment

As always your write does not disappoint me
Beautifully written. But a word of adise "do not out your faith in the cards my friend"


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most certainly I will heed your advice and stay away from Tarot and Black Jack, and all card games. I have had more luck with domestic love, lol. Thanks, dear. Jerry

author comment
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