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Conversing with the Moon

Moon, in your silence,
you wander
high above my troubled life.

Wish that I, too,
could hide
behind the clouds,
conceal myself
from all.

Jealously, my eyes
your own untroubled
and I wish that
my own path
should be
as unencumbered
as the one you tread.

He who would travel
must travel light,
you say?
Not with this,
my constant burden.
Here, see the lines
of sorrow on my face?

But you smile
and wink,
and now you coldly
say: “Happy is
who can forget
the past that
can’t be changed.”

Must I hang
my brighter memories
in the darkest
closet of the night?

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Hi, Jerry
The moon seems to be a loyal friend to all of us - either in troubled times or times of awe. I feel the sorrow and the weight of the burden. Good advice, though, forgetting the past that cannot be changed. (Sometimes hard to do.) Lovely moon themed poetry!
Thank you!

oh, yes; the mysterious moon--hangin over the mountains--especially when she is full and round here in Arizona! Diana looks wonderful at anytime (and that's my wife's middle-name, too). Thank you for liking my moon poem.

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