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Futile Sighs (Orfeo's Lament)

Words of love I whisper
into the shifting breeze, hoping
that my pleas may reach her;
but—I know, she hears me not.
Then, of what use is my entreaty,
of what value are my futile sighs?

If they were to touch the statue
of the armless Venus de Milo,
her marble body would most surely mend
and come alive to hold me to her breast.

For my tears alone, the worker
in the quarry should not need
a hammer to break up boulders,
for my words would crumble stone.

Only she, the distant-one, now
among the blessed spirits,
joining them in roundelays,
she can no longer hear me—
.And so I speak of her
into the rising gale that whisks
my spoken thoughts, but
not my love away.

Review Request (Direction): 
How was my language use?
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
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Not Explicit Content


Hi, Jerry,
Sad and lamenting. I always need to educate myself with Greek mythology and relativity. I do feel Orfeo's (Orpheus?) anguish in your language. Is there a direct association between the statue Venus de Milo and Orfeo? Very beautiful and moving last four lines.
Thank you!

Yeah, I love all mythology and could spin a good yarn by drawing from either civilization's at the risk of boring you all to death, lol. Orpheus came so close to fetching his wife back from Hades, but the turned around against orders. I think he did that to get rid of her--sort of a speedy divorce. Venus??? I dunno! I have a 12" tall marble replica minus one arm in my curio cabinet who talks to me off'n on. Right now she tells me it's lunch time. No, that was my wife, but she has two arms. Thank you, dear lady, for the lovely comment.


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