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The Legend of Inve and Tantalla VII: The Silver Crown

The Silver Crown

And end thus came of Inve's life
and hidden since, his witch and wife
within the woods that claim her name
and now her dreadful, wicked fame:
Queen Tantalla now rules alone 5
with silver crown and wooden throne.
For Tantalla, the fairest dread
had sought to rescue prince from dead.
She bore his body to her lair
and with dark magic did prepare 10
a ceremonial, final rite
when bright was glade under star light.

His heart she opened, sought within
his last of breath, his soul therein,
and seeking cought a specter dark 15
that had upon its brow a mark.

Thus calling forth his final life
which he had lost in glorious strife,
she pulled from hoarde a silver ring
and named it Dimbaug, bane of Kings. 20
Then let it fall within his heart,
she called her most malicious art
and doused with love for mighty prince
she chanted, sang, his name called thrice:

Lord Inve, King of Ancient wood 25
who fought and fell where last you stood.
Lord Inve, heir of Aladice,
the king beneath the stone and ice.
Lord Inve, Lord of helm and stone,
defender of the woodland throne. 30
Hear now this prayer from your hall,
to fate and death, you are no thrall.
A king before, a future king,
arise, my love, your judgement bring
upon the lips that mock your name, 35
upon the hands that dealt you shame.
Arise in splendour, ride in ruin
you shall be their last undoing!

Amid her chant, there lightening leapt
and tongues consummed where now he slept. 40
He woke a while, with gasp and sigh,
then dying, gave his final cry

My love, I feel your heart serene;
make retribution swift, my queen!

So passed he to the land of death 45
and ever quoted his last breath
as curse to follow lords of fay
until the ending of their days.

So Tantalla, retreating, fell
into a deep, desparing spell. 50
Near nine months blew cold, wintry airs
that blighted lands from plain to lair.

Through all those lands was cold and ice,
therein the wise discerned malice
and sought the truth from Ringidel 55

We shall outlive this wintry spell.
No witch can harm the western lords;
keen are their lances, sharp their swords.

And as he said, so did it pass;
the water run, and green was grass. 60
The stars now dared to twinkle bright
beneath the lands of bliss and light.
Now many feared the fairy lords
for was it not their uttered words
that dealt the blow and woke the spring? 65
How dread and glorious now their king,
with golden helm and wondrous stone
upon the high and rightful throne!

But in the forest of the north,
new tidings, mixed, soon issued forth: 70

For Tantalla had been with child
and in her form as princess mild
she gave them birth, four mighty sons
the last born seed of Ubelon,
and one more beauteous than the queen, 75
her name was Tintille, unseen.

To each, she gave a dreadful gift
that would them bind, and so make swift
the coming of her husband's word
by guile or curse, by spear or sword. 80
So now the children of Inve
are often called Nandelie,
and strong is bond of doom and love,
though need for war they do not have.
The spirit of Dimbaug's revenge 85
still drives the curse that will avenge
the loss of stone and glorious helm
and one day end the western realms.

But all these prophecies he knows
yet Ringidel, no fear he shows, 90
for often does he defy fate
and pursues oft relentless hate.
The fairy king, Anelion,
knows of the curse of Ubelon,
and he is weary of new foes 95
that may present unforeseen woe.

He does not trust the western lords
who, though they speak the kindest words
look on his jewel with grave lust;
for in its sight, can no one trust 100
his kindred, or his truest friend.
These dark tidings new signs portend
and fast the word of Inve bold
upon the western lands take hold.

The world is battered, scarred and torn, 105
new fates unfold, new tales are born.
A shadow falls on Fairyland
and fortune swiftly moves her hand.
A ruined world, of glory shorn,
and doom lies on the west, forlorn! 110

The End

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
How was my language use?
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
How does this theme appeal to you?
Last few words: 
So ends the Legend of Inve and Tantalla. But the story continues in the land of the fairies, and the new tales begun will find their completion in Enedentia. Yay. So we've come to the end of this tale. Fun, wasn't it? It continues (sort of) in the Enedentian Epic. Do read that one too. ;)
Editing stage: 


I see the natural breaks in this part of the epic, now I think that to put the whole thing on one Blog and see if I can with others, read and comment.
The one I wrote and must attend to is "Cata the Mason"..
We have plenty of time to sort out the stories as the workshop is open ended, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Truly, your patience inspires me, Ian!
I've not seen the "Cata the Mason". I've been terrible with other workshop poems, but I'll correct that very soon. If you've not put it up yet, do so.

But I really want to know; what brought you back to this poem? Some weeks ago, I thought you had totally given up on it, but this is just amazing. I really want to know what you think of the story as a whole.

Thanks for reading, Ian. :)

No verse is free for the man who wants to do a good job. - TS Eliot

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