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The Legend of Inve and Tantalla V: A Dance With Fire

The story goes, in haste they flew.
A sudden urge within them grew
to conquest and for glory's sake;
to win the day, the prize to take.
With Tantalla, they swiftly made 5
their way through many nooks and shade
and under boughs and over tree
they sped like wild birds, swift and free.
Their larking made her break to song
and Tantalla raised up a throng 10
of dancing trees and bowing leaves.
The notes she sings with magics weave
to life the ancient grey lit trees
that rush in chorus, twos and threes
and quartets chanting "fly and fly, 15
most glorious maid beneath the sky!".

They run as though with nary care
for there is not much time to spare.
And as the forest thicker grows
the singing duo now will slow 20
and though new life her singing brings
the inner wood is beyond spring.
For darkness ever present dwells
and deep and pow'rful are the spells
long woven in between the trees. 25
There dark things creep, all goodness flees.
The light of Tantalla now fades
as go they to untrodden shades.

Be silent, Inve, for here lies
the greatest terror 'neath the skies. 30

What if she come behind us now?
What I must do, I do not know.

I broke your horn and hunting spear
for this is no tame hunt, my dear.
The mighty drake might take you whole 35
e'en though with silent steps you stole.

No weapon have I, phantom fair.
Now we approach your mother's lair.
Besides your song, what tools have you?
Speak quickly, maid, lest this we rue. 40

Hush now, my hero, for she wakes.
I feel her spirit, breath she takes.
She gathers now her heavy mass,
with tail she tramples growing grass.

What now, my maid, what does she do? 45
Where does she lie, where does she go?

At nothing fixed she blankly stares,
I feel her deep, malicious glare.
Rise quickly now, she searches hard.
Rise Inve bold, be on your guard. 50

Said Inve rising from the ground,
"What does she now? What has she found?"

You brave and reckless fool, repent,
She must, by now, have caught your scent!

So rising Tantalla led him 55
through paths within the mire grim.
About them wafted shady fumes
and stunk like rot and life consumed.
At length, though faint the mighty prince
had been, for strong was that fell trance 60
they came upon a glowing heap
of jewels strewn about like cheap
and worthless bits of painted glass,
like pebbles strewn across the grass.
Amongst the mighty dragon's hoard 65
were silver crowns and beaten swords
and scarlet scepters, speckled spears
and gem stones that shone bright and clear.

Then Tantalla the golden hoard
made through and grasped the hilt of sword. 70
Inve, quick reading then her sign
took this to be fate's own design
and taking blade now from his guide
he let his sack hung by his side.
Then searched he quick a shield to match 75
so to with ease, his foe dispatch.
And rising from the pile, he gasped
as Tantalla, his hand had clasped.
For there, before them, mighty stood
the drake and fiend of all the wood. 80

About her, now commanding smokes
had Inve dazed and breath it choked.
But even as she drew a breath
Tantalla sung and stayed his death.
The dragon, furious broke her will 85
and readied next the final kill.
Yet swiftly did the young prince fly
and leapt he high into the sky,
defending against smoke and fire
with eager will and stern desire. 90

Again the dragon's daughter sung
and through the forest, power rang
and with it tumbled dragon mass,
how mighty was the phantom lass!

But lo! Now rises mother dread 95
against those who unbidden tread
the sacred lair herself had made.
Again does daughter come to aid
the failing huntsman, nearly did
he die this time, but now she hid 100
the prince within a veil of light,
which, blinding, gave them room for flgiht.

The Ubeline know no retreat,
and they shall never take defeat
ere death itself, by force remove 105
them from the fight; thus does he prove
his worth, high prince of mount and ice,
that dreadful son of Aladice.

He stands there, bold and reckless he,
against a foe he cannot see. 110
But then at last, she breaks the light,
the dreadful drake with all her might.

What do they call thee, nameless foe?
Whence came thee to this place of woe?

My name is known throughout the north 115
from where, my people issued forth.
For I am Inve, Hamclad's son,
anointed one of Ubelon.

Then Inve, son of Ubelon
Know this, thou fool and get thee gone: 120
The name Sisibil, must thou fear.
The stone you seek, it is not here!
Now flee before I strike you down
and take away your golden crown!

For indeed, in that little sack 125
that Inve long hung at his back
but now which held he at his side
contained that which he could not hide,
for famous through that western realm
still is the name of Gillian's helm. 130

Thou does not leave? What errand then
must though fulfill to kith and kin?
No one of rude and lowly birth
comes treading far above the earth.
Nor does one carry helm and blade 135
his life with dragons drear to trade.

"I came to slay thee, wretched worm."
spoke he who wore the golden helm.

And rising once more, Inve, brave,
looked on his foe, his mien was grave. 140
Then thus begun the battle long
that still is told in lay and song.
The forest shook, the earth was rent.
As battle wore, his blood was spent.
The ancient trees were burned to ash. 145
At her, and vainly did he slash.
At length the dragon cornered him,
foul was her breath, her eyes were grim.

Straight in her face did Inve stare
as though his worthless life to spare, 150
but she, enchanting, him bewitched
'tween precipice and fire, she reached
her tongue to lick his bloodied face.

How sweet the taste of fallen race!
Die now, thou wretch, though fighting brave 155
I now make this dark wood your grave!

But Inve still had strength in him,
and through the mists, now thick and dim
he felt his blade and raised it high.
He cut her tongue, she gave a cry. 160
He struck her face and struck again.
The dragon queen recoiled in pain.

No more bewitched, proud Inve flies
and Tantalla, it seems, now cries.
For all that while that dragon thought 165
her daughter's phantom fled, she wrought
a wild perplexing spell about
the battle field, and stood without
and summoned phantoms small and large
and gave commands, and put to charge 170
to watch the scene, and op'ning make,
a chance that Inve planned to take.

So was it that the spirits fell
upon the drake and cast their spells.
But she was mightier than they 175
and threw them off with violent sway.
Yet in that moment Inve flew
at her, as fiery breath she drew.
Her head was raised, her neck exposed,
himself the mighty prince composed 180
mid flight of terror and of fear;
he smote the neck of dragon drear.

Wild cataclysmic wind so blew
a thousand trees by force it threw
and scattered gold and smoke and fume. 185
The mighty forest it consumed
and blew away enchantment fell.
Away it cast the wicked spell.
Now dying lay she, dragon queen
with sated smile and mien serene. 190

Thou warrior brave, thou son of Clad,
much good have done, my heart is glad.
From torment long I sought to flee
but thou, O Inve, set me free.

And in that last word, took she breath 195
and in a fair form, fell to death.
A beauteous dame she once had been,
a sad, ungrateful, lustful queen.

And what of Tantalla, the brave
who more than once, his life did save? 200
He could not find her, as he feared.

The smokes at last begun to clear
And there, unclad, she stood before
the prince, a phantom fair no more.
A mighty witch, a princess fair, 205
in flesh, with silver in her hair.
And lo! She held within her hand
The wondrous stone of Acklorand.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
How was my language use?
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
Editing stage: 


This is a beautiful story
Seeking out the lair of good reading in my ways.
Though tis old I am and have lived many days.
Forgive me that my concentration span is weak.
I cannot find any words to tweak
Then stet is the word for this your song
I just cannot stay here to long
Goodby my eloquent poet, of strange places, words, and name.
I shall seek out the other pieces that read the same,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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