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sit close to me...

but i like alone
its a place i know
youve found me

made your place

made me yours
behind closed doors
and the terrace

marriage could
hold you
more then these
useless arms

only good for pushing
never taking


my scars
dont touch them
so you put your
own down

made me burn
and ache
each time
i hear the

never meant
for me

but you watch

you feel
all the anger
its energy
to the sails of
your soul

blaze in
walking barefoot
standing over
me at night

thought you were
stealing my money
a hammer behind
your back

but you were just
watching me

like i watch the horizon
open and unknown

you love me more
then i want to love you

you want my scar

Editing stage: 


This is unusual for you a story so bold, a love that is maybe known but not understood, a lovely story.
The one that seems to think they are beyond love, and the other just loves and cares, loved its story,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

are the ones i relate too easily..
pulp dark pop intellects
the cohen brothers more articulate and intellectual
my wavelength is either micro or subsonic
macro or panoramic
focus has always been the hardest

cappola and kubrick my daughters great passions
she a painter and writer poet like i
unhoned and more raw

wealthy people interest me
as i am the nick and ding guy
nickle and dime

yet my wealth is within my eyes
my walk my experiences


locked away in thoughts
m ost days
the dazzle of the vision
at the edge..the mirage
the delving
nose in the wind

read you like deep purple
and whistle test
great footage
simple is best
joy division and the underground youth
both from manchester i like very
much now

i know i am loved
here and in my life
i clean up great
but look pretty raggedy
most days

like kellys heros
donald sutherland

and people in my real lifers
to all systems
and rebels
walking double edges
it can be done


thank you ian
will keep up my themes
on poetry and
get around to recording
a poem so you all
can hear what i sound

author comment
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