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Kondusive Tropo

carotid pulse wave
damp rain laden light

Our shoes have lost the
weather sodden damp
Dark hair with nests of

Eyes of fury in the heat
of Neon Gleam
smiles of livid mirth
before slipping into
darker seams

Hiss traffic kiss on
reverb walls
like our temporal
hearts swum
Lovesick seas
giddy knees

Abbatoir Noire
consuming daydreams
straight laced principal
calf skin boots
black ink lava jet
driven scripts on
arms shivered with
raised chills

Unlocked our doors
and we delivered
steamy portals
of languid existance

Cotton swept exotica
dripped from canvas
fashion melton

a cities blend of masks
and makeshift gravity
swirls like rising puddles
parted in rushing

spotlight to spotlight
on a heady haze
the drug of Love
we crave
and crave


Editing stage: 


The sound scape you make with my tongue is obscene!

'Nuff said...

Ells x

Yah I just read it through...I write this stuff late at night
then at turn of day..end of day..sunsetting
hard rock playing...(Tool in this case the band)
drinking black from the trail with the dog..

Saw a comment and was curious about what the
next neopoeter would think of this new collision
of words

I read through it and laughed..there are places
where its pure nonesense....And yes its the
word tumble...the flow of it...
I was walking down the street dirt trail
by the hydro right of way..cobble rock or pit
run..glacial rounded stones and the dog
pulls downhill..forty five pounds..
I started to stumble and had to do those
short steps fast...a funny run and I
was laughing..

When I read through the poem it
was like that
most western based poetry has to
match and latch to the descending line
the descripts and words..
freeform is another animal

This is pretty myopic..Macro scene
everything is up close....I have to
wear glasses now..just in last
two years...I notice everything is
right in front of my face..
no peripheral...see all the details
and its distorted to me
but interesting
like another world

The next vein in the street glow
of the character...they are
intimate...they are travelling
close today...Similar to Lovers
The narrator is observing
the rain..the water..The Tells
pulse..Is there excitement
Love at the end of course
although its not clear whom
is in love or whom craves

The water drops or mists
does glisten in the hair
On an urban street
and or with the red neon
although the color is not
described as to the reader
to personify..
the lighting is important
for setting but many do
not react to mood of
that...Many internalize

Although this could be
a well established couple
its not said..
The narration would if it
was noted towards such
sentiment as

:always the pulse wave sync
of beat of the heart...the
heat of moment remembered
and craved..:

something like that

I was trying to very far asbtractly
removed speak or write of Love
Sickness....there is the rush of
the heart...the flush of chest
and face...that heat...that high
that even the chilling rains do
no occupy in discomfort..

The alleyways are not lit..they
are forbidden and earthy
dangerous and exciting

and although it is abstractly
a street scene it is also a
seductively rich flow
full of suggestive nuance

"Abbatoire Noire consuming daydreams"

Not an original idea...The DOORS used this
in a favourite song of mine...
"I cant see your face in my mind
carnival dogs consume the lies
cant see your face. in my mind.."
something like this...some kind of dark love

But daydreams rendered...sacrificed for the hunger
of night that brings another kind of power to appetitie
if so whetted
to sate the day
to sate the night
are sometimes two different creatures

I love interchange with house girls
the pop notion seems to be scripts written on arms
which I find very intellectually arousing because Im
a reader of people and of books..poetry and visual
stimuli...and aural...the power of a unique voice
is very potent...I love listening to Cover songs of
popular works...

anyway the Macro...people in love or lovesick
are in motion...moving about like excited atoms
weaving..touching...looking to the expression
of each...The mirror...
The rain on gooseflesh
in light...
like a dazzle
hypnotic slow motion

everything is slow motion
the passion the damp chill
the foreboding night
Doors of partition
the dare and excitement
of the intellect and the
power of the primitive
response of the body

Neither system bored
and charged with
electrical anticipation

"Cotton swept exotica"

I like girlfreinds
all wore them...the design
and care..part of the
deconstruct or revalation
by words and or touch
perfumes..exlixirs remain
in cotton mixes more then
synthetic blends
Be they T's or other

I threw in canvass because
two previous of my Lovers
wore canvasse
Both practical and passionate
women of the outdoors

The cities masks..
love is like a carnivale sometimes
the gravity
where one floats in a sea of
and often it must be supressed
by those whom dissaprove

the swirl of such dare either

spotlight to spotlight was describing

but it could be where the focus of
touch is....
and other more meaningful

Because you caught on completely
what this abstraction was about
I have given the full theoretical
sketch work of its most basic

the work of course is just a scratch
of the darker venue of itch that
simmers..imagination is the
fire that flickers like magic...

I love the use of Obscene to describe
the work!

Its a very apt descripter
dark width like a pupil..

Thank You!

author comment

Peerles, Poignant & Piercing...

Thank god , you're on this freeform guru. 'Dark width like a pupil'...I am your pupil (pun!)
Ells :))

\happy to have you whom understands the whole complexity of this dance..
like a lens..the pupil...the dark is what is revealed in the eye when it is \
excited..dilates..the nostrils flare...the blood rush like an instant high..\
a swoon it was called at one time long ago with the introduction of shocking\
disturbing or exciting....

working at keeping at this troubles right now...\
thank you

author comment
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