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K A R T E S I A N . . O V A L

fire shears
our curves

you a temp
i the tramp

Starlucks coffee
stirring hope
while dry paper
pages turn
and the world

embitter me
with fullness
of want
fill a hand with
a touch

raise our skins
from the night
in harried morning
full of gravel dust

tingling of bliss
beneath a showers hiss
sent off on the tube
with a well placed

rotary hearts
driving compression
we go round
and round

like the moon
and the sun

Editing stage: 



I liked these lines:

raise our skins
from the night
in harried morning
full of gravel dust

tingling of bliss
beneath a showers hiss
sent off on the tube
with a well placed

always, Cat

When someone reads your work
And responds, please be courteous
And reply in kind, thanks.

But with the hurricane on the east coast
and power outages....
Overe here I remembered the ice storm
that night that hit Quebec..hit Ontario that
night but a day or two later we were good..
You couldnt walk or drive hardly and our
power stayed on...

I worked through the cold of 1994 outside
with poor clothing and no food at my apartment
Socks and rubber boots and a seven kilometer
one way walk to work and rides
car truck to work from..put in poles
outside then back in to warm up or stick feet
at duel pipes one side together....An eclipse
that year was brutal and the most beautiful
moments..eating rice gruel..beautiful landscape
Just had to do choice!! If we get a severe
storm this winter and spring and lose power
or even summer most dont have generators
to keep food cold or devices to store water
..most worked together in our city though and
kept calm..But I worry for my city

and do you think of poetry in the dark
in the quiet in sweltering summer or the freezing
cold of winter? I know poets keep writing
in all conditions and serve duties for their country

Solar storms too maybe this year
in 1859 a very very powerful storm caught the
telegraph system by suprise...Brilliant auroras
filled the skies Telegraph paper took fire
and they could send messages without the
powerful batteries needed to transmit

we depend on so I am grateful that
we can write here today as we have
and for what some still have..

My heart goes out to those souls on the eastern
american coast....We dont have much wood stoves
or chimneys in our mostly light aluminum gas vent
city..some fireplaces for show....It takes a lot of
wood energy and space to put up enough firewood
to keep a good sized house heated for a duration

I keep thinking ahead though.. planning the what
if.s how would I or could I help

Im on the street trying to be humble
and brave and smiling and talking to many
everyone knows things and skills
that can contribute

like our chats used to be
tossing ideas for writing creative
or finding muses to inspire
blow off steam
working schematics like crystals
for developing our own
schisms and thought prisms

Its late
Im very tired
grateful for what I have
and Thank You

Mr November Esker

author comment

I need a shower ...
this poem stirs the embers
stokes the fires of passion, lust, desire
Jesus Its been a while since a poem
made me feel a guilty pleasure LMAO

Bravo and applause

going for that shower soon

hugs~ JC

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

like a good engine
makes for good vibrations!!

ah Jayne

never saw my poem as this
but now that I look at it all
wet and glistening in the steam!!

Kartesian ovals are sexy though

must go


author comment

Sorry but sexy it is lol dont change a word I love it as it sits

glad you could see where I was coming from though ...
I felt there was a building until it climaxed
its one of my new favourites


("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

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