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K onstant

bear me oh wind
your fissured realm
show shivers in the dream mirrors

and your cauldron of tears
the river lanes of rains call
and I feel them fall

dancing in the dark
and leeching through
the cracks and dust
sweet errant memory
swept free
the sheltered craft
for a journey to take

awake thee spirit
and flesh
for I have slept
while the towers leaned
pressed with the pursuant

the streamer quest

Editing stage: 


dented chariot
bore them toward single fusion
of unknown fortune

shivers in the dream mirrors

Bravo Master Esker

horse shed doors.............BIGWIN......faded in the birch scrawls reaching
we stood while winter poured in discovering the freight room
the small waiting room full of dusted furniture
clots of webs and dusted thick in time

Carevelle Dodge
with us mad behind the wheel
stealing time
imbibed and beyond help

Now they flatten Shania's tourist hut
(one million dollars or more worth)
to mine the ore beneath in Timmins

we watched her show
the after dinner performances
at Deerhurst

the economy upside down
sweet turbulent times
in its frozen ebullient

thaw times

I lost the photo long ago
but I remember you
in that long purple coat
Those large poets eyes
I took near those places

....Thank You!

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