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i n e r t i a

the turn

gliding in the spin

alive with outstretched
a chasm between
the worlds

of white
of black

not there
nor here

but in the ghost bridges
with wind
perplexed in rains
in the buffet
of passage
in a blink

like a mirror walk
to forgo
the future talk

Editing stage: 


Wow...your images are so lovely...'ghost bridges thundering with wind...'

I'm giving you a bell when I need to title my novel!


Ells x

Now I can see titles from my paragraph line insertions in
the headers!

love this..reminds me of the old days
when they would ask us to delve out
the meanings as to what the poet
is really talking about

Kind of like profiling...
poetic speak of course!!

author comment

I n e r t i a,
streamed across the voids.
Spilling purpose,
giving definition.
Energy transformed
In the dance of life.
Loved this write as it depicted the effect, not the cause..
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

so much of writing is to effect
or an affect

but causes...

another dimension of realms
and writes...

(sometimes wrongs...)

author comment
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