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A Honey Smelling Petal

a honey smelling petal for those who don't miss it
swims fast through a smooth chocolate wind
but a whisper from the moon goddess
as she plays in your dreams puts
the spring, rose sky to sleep
The sound of her music luscious and pleasing
a symphony sweet as one could recall
will wake the sun from his peaceful slumber

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Used this website called magnetic poetry for school. Pretty cool. You have to create a poem only using the words they provide. It gave me some good inspiration. This poem is full of a ton of random things, but i would recommend the cite for anyone who needs poem inspiration.(This isn't the original, i edited to make it seem more like a poem and not just a bunch of words.)
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and a lot like our random poetry challenge. Have you tried it yet?
~ Geez.

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very nice! I used to visit a site like that which offer new words everyday. now I cannot remember the name of the site.
great imagery formed, here. and good flow!

*hugs, Cat

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