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this shitty plastic money feels as fake as life
fluttering down sprung from the wallet
crescent off the hip

Hopelessly awkward
these bastards hands
no matter how refined I try

In the paper are your trips
folded like Origami
a boring fold

Bend down to run your hands
dexterous and beautiful
on the old machine

I would have died to have
gotten it
and having it
I wrote not a word

your eyes spied it
my reward
You before me

four foot something
and older

if it all makes you
then its been
a purpose

to see your
life's vet
eyes come

let me live
on the breadcrumbs
and cheap thrills

curtsies and snarls
Fulfil the sparks
that light the way
to my heart of

your voices are
like wind in the trees
before a storm
Vignettes of movement

I dine
you adorn

across our universes

Editing stage: 


Cant fault a beautiful piece of writing.
From a plastic card through bill folds,
to trees waiting for a storm,
we cant ask for more,
Yours, Ian.

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

only because we got taught you earn the heavier shit..
which was also the emotional barrage and abandonments
I related to the world war one...the weight of all that shit
and how it drives you mad ..the wiating..
then the true madness
the world coming upside down and then the instinctual
Maybe why I loved reading about world war two
although in real life I found the veterans very much
far away from anything I could relate too..
I didnt go through what they did..

vietnam vets.....only because we got so much propoganda
about actually going once we hit the consctiption age
the music was the music of my older sisters
whom had the peace chicken poster on the walls
the b-52 in day glo dropping bombs and the peace
sign across it!! black light bulbs were all the rage
and good well then menial dope
not like todays powerful stuff!

war is powerful....watched hours of the ukraine conflict
till I got too far out watching this...spent a few days
sleeping....hard to get anyones head over that
useless occupationn and yet a part of humans so very
much...the politics..

so I write breadcrumbs..
obli ious to what Im watching in the news and on the
nets when Im not writing

but the small small things I love...the small miniscule
details and moves......sleights of movement
and token things..
bits and peices that others wouldnt notice..
the bigger picture is where everyones focus is..
But the tells....the Tells I live for...

because ultimately everyone is playing some kind
of game..
eyes....eye contact..
I dont do it much.....
but I do have truly exceptional eye colour
and intensity

I only hang around with the most intense people
too........I think because they too are on their own
far limit limbs striving for the moon perhaps
in their skies....

not sure..

these writes are truly personal as they describe
what I live for....I live way out here just to see
the little of the greater glimmer..
like the great camera shot..
of ever...

crazy poet eh?

but this is not everyones life..
in every ordinary
im paranoid
way out there..
cant shut my mind off
half the time...
so many personas
like shirts in the closet
they all work
depending on the mood
of the city
the house..
the little hood here..

Crazy from now till after christmas
the rush..the crush of traffic
everyone Zooming all over
and the weather closing in
and storms buffeting the

family times at the end were not
good at all...
we were smiling but inside we
were crying
and no one was giving in
stubborn all of us
even now


Im away from it..
even though I cant dream
without portions of me
revisiting all of that

this writing is what I
longed for in a relationship
and this doesnt exist
not for ever..
the beginning
I dont want the
just the other..

lah lah land

makes for great

and is cathartic
as hell!!

Thank You!

author comment

If ever you need a slice of bread then just ask if I have more than crumbs, I can share.
Seriously I am not sure where you live in the context of the great Canadian nation, but that you choose to be as you are, to me in my thoughts you are as much as any man that walks this Earth plain.
Your description of most things comes from a level that not many can see, now I know why.
You stay as you are Young Wolf, but always remember that if there is some book or small item you need just ask, I am not that well off, but have a few spares.
One of my prized possessions is a necklace given to me by a Sioux Indian in Alberta many years ago, a small thing but fills a world in its being,
Take care will talk again later, yours, Ian

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

we have our Teepees here....everyone travelled
sooner or later and shared their ways..

posessions are be honored and kept
when others gift them...

I am not in want of anything
I give books away that Ive read..
library just keeps putting out all their old stock
to make way for what is wanted and
pursued now in this generation and time
it is the way..renewal..not an archive
forever ..but an active function building
rather then a tomb for the relics..

I did not chose the path I lived..the path chose me..
strange to look at it this way..
even the great indiscretions are experiences..

all theory is great
building perfection
is costly and with
great blunders..

thank you for the offer!

author comment
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