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hello me now adays no one reads poetry?

half our lives we waste
looking what to do
what to eat
and ask others too…

whereas we must realize
we all are individual entities,
what suits us best
we ought to eat,
what suits us most
we ought to wear,
what we must love to say
we ought to speak...
what we must listen
is all that pleases me

think not that the other one is wiser
it may suit him or her
what you are only you know
don’t depending on others
nor your ignorance show,

life is a onetime gift…
let there be no rift,
between what he or she says
you must do
I leave it friends all up to you….

do what you have to do,
just do
go screw
if you want to…

happy message for you
I've revised it too
Stanly you!

Style / type: 
Free verse
Editing stage: 


"To thine own self be true" you didn't think I read him did you? lol. I seem cursed with honesty today so although I'm far from proficient in the style you use I'll give a few ideas anyway. "
Don't depend on others
lest your ignorance show

I also think stanza 4 and 5 should be combined
But this is a fun poem with a good message as is so don't think you have to follow my ideas if they don't appeal to you...................stan

''''Don't depend on others
lest your ignorance show''''
the only


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