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Halloween on the Isle of May

Halloween on the Isle of May

Roger the ranger was having a nap.
Fair exhausted he was, such a poor, sleepy chap,
When a rapping and slapping woke him in mid-snore;
He'd been woken up - by an Auk at the door!

Roger knew that no bonfire was lit on May Isle.
Halloween was ignored by the students, no piles
Of wet, slimy driftwood to form blazing heap;
Then was shocked as the puffin coughed out, "Twick or Tweet!"

Puffin spat out a sand-eel, spent ten minutes coughing.
"I'm giving them up, they're too wet for good puffin.
The last time I tried, I cut down by a few,
But my beak looked as if it was dipped in brown stew."

Roger knew right away that the Puffin was nuts,
That he should have gone south with all of his mates;
But how could he throw out this strange, talking Auk?
He's decided to keep him - disguised as a Stork!

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Last few words: 
the Isle of May is a bird sanctuary off the coast of Fife, in Scotland. It is especially noted for its large colony of Puffins.(little auks)
Editing stage: 


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