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The Halloween Bug (November Contest)

Sometimes the wind blow
as troubles flow
The stress of everyday
lingers where my head lay

Outside on my patio
Underneath the big oak
I watch rays of the sunshine
sipping on black stellar wine

Butterflies flutter
Birds sing songs never stutter
the sound of a green and orange caterpillar
dropped from big oak, not too far

A halloween bug
With a black body
Has a orange smiley face
On it back looking at me

I be at one with nature, a libra
Enjoying the winged creatures
and the crawly creatures
Forgetting every trouble the winds blew my way

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I called it Halloween Bug because of the way it looks and I saw it in October ... this the first time I ever seen a black bug with an orange smiley face on its back..... its on my youtube channel you can see it for your self ...

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