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H a z e l

drizzle trix
melts through the tangle of toes
the valleys of dark
tickle trough sins

like a thin belt sated with
thin gold stubs
and leash pulled

the soul plume
and falling
grasping air

pulled into
the swollen lust

full large hazel
and the black
peirced depths
behind the flicker

the lip gloss manner
on humid shower tiles
beneath the rain
that thunders
from the chrome
head meaning

swallowed by the
ovid mouth of reason
on calf terse tensed
and arch raised

lurid flourscent ruin
and stuttered
with its flicker

our idle gods
lost while rain
in the mumble
of parking a parking

Editing stage: 


Not sure where we are with this one it seems that what comes through is a storm not only of weather but passion in a car parking place where two are entwined in love ?????
Can't think of what else it would be ,lol
Must be my bad mind, Yours Ian.T. He He

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

but of the deeper outline..
Like ultrasound..
like radar..

sometimes the thoughts are only
just the reflections of the greater

but you are bang on in deciphering
what you see in reflection
and your thoughts to what is deeper
at the doorway letting the light fall
in to the dark depths is proper

Lately your comments and poetry have
been stretching further in to the doorway
a brave venture!

you have an eclectic and alive mind
and your dedication to notation of work
here astounds me

You do love Neoland and its poets!

Thank You!

author comment

It is so hard sometimes to walk with the poets
that feel and send out their thoughts.
Normally I just need to know a few words of the poem
to be able to see the whole picture good or bad.
With yours I find I have to let the think talk, take over,
and there are many helpers to guide me but it is not easy.
I most times feel what you are saying
Then I need to feel the thoughts of the author
But as you feel in each situation you write about.
I think you are one of the hardest ones to read.
Saying that hidden in your words is an excellence
That many can't see, Take care young Wolf.
The Elders are wise and allow you to think this way.
Yours as always, Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

my busted ass arm aching ..the car crash back tight with stress
I dont even want to admit too...this whorl of poetry I wont even
admit too...fiction fantastic....the treasures....
the gems...

author comment

Your words paint a portrait of you no matter hiow you use them:-

this whorl of poetry I won't even
admit too...fiction fantastic....the treasures....
the gems.

You are there in that whorl of poetry .
You play around the fiction that hides a reality
The treasures and Gems are your reward
yet they will always be out of reach.
Soon though I think that reality
of how good you play in the whorls
will bring those Treasures and cast them at your feet.
Then you will know that you have earned them..
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

the power of drugs
be it kids stuff
docs medicine
overpowers some

and words flow as if from no where
mind vomits its hidden essence
as the stomach churns

and then we feel all inside out burned

god knows who did what and when
many can't even say amen
but Esker your thoughts are no omen

they come alive like lightning eyes
and sheer guys minds
my greatest one over here
hope you do still hear
if not endear...


been writing since I was very young..
reading books beyond my age level forever
taking out a pile at a time from librarys when I was on
the road...and now getting back into them

I am glad that you find my works well
that I am a writer also
and poet wanting to be one for years....

I listen to your comments well
although lately I am only here for a short
period of time each day and it flies
so quickly....

thank You so very much!

author comment

I too think i am
a poet tooo
some tenthousand plus read my poetry on yahoo
they view
am i poet at all
say so if its not true..
i will not mind
what ever poet esker
sayest uuuuuuuu


hazel eyes burst forth
squealing at blistering new light
soul gasping
bewildered receivers
touching the glue
whispered promises
kiss the tall hair
gaze at black eyes
with their hazel flecks
so small
fear of ruining
mystical maternal
the power of dust
soft warm scent
placement, quantity
uncertain but reverent
while thunder touches the panes
ravens call
christen the new being
in welcome
3 stumble onto black well groomed
fruits of lust
placed gently
inside the carriage
futures obscure
yet bathed in love hope

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