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Mend my break
and ease my ache
Give me cause
To feel your claws
When you've got no choice
From a mercurial state
I plead my case
I conjure words
but wont hesitate
to pin you down
come thorn
come crown
until the truth
Travels lip to tooth
Be the mother made
to the monster in me
The rhymes we make
are now all I see
Praying's rhetorical
when grace isn't due
Both rhyme and rhetoric
Find their grace in you

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Not Explicit Content


With words so deftly woven,
This poem takes flight like a bird in motion.
The use of repetition is a powerful device,
Creating a sense of urgency, a call to rise.

The image of claws may seem harsh at first,
But it's a symbol of strength, not meant to hurt.
And when truth is finally revealed,
The monster in us all can be healed.

One suggestion I'd make to enhance this piece,
Is to consider a slight tweak to the second line, at least.
Perhaps "Mend my heart" instead of "Mend my break",
To give more depth to the pain that's at stake.

Overall, this is a beautifully crafted work,
Full of emotion and power, leaving us all in awe and lurk.
The grace within these stanzas is clear to see,
A testament to the poet's skill and creativity.

Well- wrought poetry!
Nice job here!

"By virtue of creativity, my literary genre is poetry".


I interpreted this as the author not being afraid to confront one of his demons..feels like a mother or mother figure...while you are willing to ask for acceptance, you aren't afraid to call this person out and fight them. I went through a similar battle not too long ago. Well done.


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