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you could be a god
grin at prometheus as he weeps for you
exhale sharp as the fates turn their backs
they were angels you'll say
you'll say she would have been too
spit doctrine of first and last things
ignore all of life
ad infinitum
and drag
your lover
to the darkest reaches
to a silent chorus of
who hide where they finally break her

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Not Explicit Content


As with most of your work, I may not completely understand all the poem, but I get a strong sense from it. A lot of this is very compelling, but the "silent chorus of gods" stands out the most for me. To me, it defies empathy in every way, and gives strength to your raw, final line. Much to think about here.

with Lavender, I think I get what your work is saying. That we take our empathy into hostile places, and being soft and squishy, it gets hurt and eventually we leave our empathy home, and it dies of neglect. [Or something like that].
Anyway, this is a good poem that makes one think, and I like that most of all. ~ Geezer.

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