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Global Warming

Greenery everywhere to be found,
Which will very soon get one day wound,
Cool pure air....,
Will be no more everywhere...,
Beautiful nature with amazing creatures,
In between them exists human who's immature,
His every act leads to destruction,
Which's very difficult for reconstruction,
To save this there's God's brain storming,
As on earth here today begins GLOBAL WARMING,
It's time for we youngsters to play a role,
To protect and save this God's beautiful soul.

Editing stage: 


that so many people lump the end of humanity in with the end of the world. i believe the world itsef is going to outlast humanity by long long time. but i do agree, we need to do something about it.
that being said, the line 'cool, pure air' seems out of place. and a few rhymes seem a bit forced.
not bad but could use a little work.

nullus anxietas

ok will work on it :)

author comment

Kind of hard to believe you have been a member for 7 and a half months and this is your first post. With there being no indication as to the form which you intend this to be in it's hard to offer suggestions other than to read it aloud to yourself. And remember that reading it silently to yourself is not the same. There are a few stumbles which will be evident whether free verse or structured western. Now for the good things, the subject is original(at least to me) and the bones of a very powerful poem about global warming exist here. Too late to welcome you here lol. But it's always good to see somebody posting new here.................stan

Thank You Stan

author comment
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