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Football more so than Basketball

I hadn't much love for football
or sports in general
I chose Clemson University
as my college in seventy-nine
though I never attended.

Not a clue what I wanted
or where I'd go in life
those Clemson Tigers
was the winningness team
everyone talked about
so it's what I put down
for the yearbook
I never purchase.

Away at college
thin and pregnant
I picked the LA Lakers
for the winningness team
in eighty-six
before giving birth
my first child, a baby boy.

Football more so than Basketball
became my love of sport later in life
to mend a bond
that’s broken through and through.

Striving after the wind
grasping for down feathers
hidden behind the missing moon.

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I find this very confusing, but somehow very heartfelt and meaningful. I think i'll come back to it and read it again so maybe I can understand the reason behind the beauty. a lovely write.


It is all over the place like young ppl who don't no what to do with them self. They just fall where it feel okay. I did and still do. Confused is who I am

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