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Eternal Renga 17 FEAR

She's a queen bandit
Stealing time under your nose
I doubt you would know.

Nightmares linger in darkness
Waiting to terrorize dreams.

Thief of time, of peace
Surreptitiously rules us
by isolation

Service the peace you now have
Rule with a rod of iron.

Killing steadily
At a slow pace, as though they
Pang of a poison.

Easily departing from
Your psyche, slithering down

As if a serpent
Death stalks the inner souls need
Beware of hard fakes.

Porcelain utopia
Mirrored in silent screams.

Do we fear deaths grip
Or is it the way we die
We will all still die !!

Consciousness alive;
Tho we die, we never die;

I jumped with much fear
Dancing light gave me a fright
Though no one was there.

Fuck everything and run
Face everything, all's real

Can I hold a dream?
Mama, Papa my life blood
You hide them from me.

Pointed flame sticks seep from you
Even my children taken

And here they survived
Five hundred years of slavery
In America

A land they call “of the free”
Waken to their mystery

Written By
Barbara Writes
sewie smalls
Nelly Nestor

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Eternal Renga
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Style / type: 
Structured: Western
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Barara Writes
sewie smalls
Nelly Nestor
Johnconstantine and

The collaborative efforts produce some fine poetry and especially thanks to Barbara for bringing our work together!

Neopoet Directors

Fear of the unknown
what makes death mysterious
while we are alive

until in the after life
the mystery will unfold

raj (sublime_ocean)

Thanks raj

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