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...........E U C A L Y P T U S .................

Snowing in the angel garden.
a hush soft and stilled is waiting.
calamity unfolds her pure wings,
and sheds a feather.

She will not shiver.
her warmth is strong!
the muse delivers,
a quill,
a charm.

The fire speaks
stirring sharp, its
textures through
the ash stained glass,
making dancers in the dark.

And in the foyer all
alone, the eucalyptus
stands in a jar of stone.

Last few words: 
for my Love...distant and within the fall of a heartbeat...~
Editing stage: 


just dropping by for a second here on neo...
wanted to let you know that I enjoyed this very much,
it made my quick break from the Busy a bit more awesome :)
love from here to there...

I wrote this one from a long distant liking to the old

I had shifted when I felt the ego in my life was tearing
loose...there was some hospitalization and much
issue..but four years later I feel again grounded in time
for the lengthy haul of winter and the Christmas season

its nice to still be alive
and to write here

and see old friends

Thank You!

author comment

THE eucalyptus tree

we also once had a tree ...such tall wouldn't

give a bit of shade
nor a bird
could sit and sing

then one stormy day
the tree fell
thank God
in the opposite direction
spared the likes of us
as I had to join


and that it fell missing you
and sparing

Thank You!

author comment

twas the only way
interacting with you
thanks Esker


nice opening,

liked the half rhymes of 'sharp', 'glass' 'dark'.

'all alone', a bit trite
I feel the last S lost the rhythm. I thinks it's the hard 'a' of stands that's the problem.

a lot to like when I read your work

ps I have 'snow gums' (also called 'ghost gums') outside and all around my apartment, i think they're the best eucalyptus trees.

When read without the "s" in stand
it becomes more coherent and
a more concrete ploy of setting
rather then an abstract invention
of a descriptor

I am leaning from the Aussies about
their trees...There was a woman I
entertained and was entertained wth
and by one winter in a little home
A firestove..the moonlight through the
woods out back..She had the flower
shop dried bunches aadmidst her porcelain
doll collection I sat house and tended
fire when she went to the city far away
for weekends It was winter
we didnt last...

Thank You

author comment

Yes..the clutter that accompanies many homes is such
but the oddity of it was despite the many figurines
it was the only tall thing in that traffic space...And it gave
off the most unusual scent..Something I had never been
about before...

Thank You!

author comment

the biggest are called mountain ash and go straight up to 300 meters. 3rd largest tree although not many make it to maturity because of bushfires and they blow over because they don't have a deep root system.. In australia in summer you often get a haze created by the eucalyptus oil given off by forests of gum trees, the ravine next to my apartment is full of eucalypts and the scent is noticeable. A lot are small bushes, all sorts of eucalypts in Australia..

not sure if this is correct
they retain water have great trunks
and I also like the Joshua trees of
the desert

We drove once down near the snake river
canyon..(some ten miles over rugged terrain)
we never saw the canyon We only had a family
Chevrolet Van with captians chairs and deck built
with jump seat in the back It was so hot our
sandwhichs dried out and you could feel the moisture
flowing off them in a stream in moments The most
unusual memory of that trip and the most portent one
about desert travel and why nature evolved the way
it has... I can just imagine the haze from trees alone!!
In the city we have Elms still that rise up and fan out
but the dutch elm disease has decimated their once
popular numbers
Cedars here are numerous and smell nice when crushed
in small amounts in the palms and rubbed on the hands

Thank You

author comment

As usual stirring images...'dancers in the dark'...I find your work quite inspiring. Will have to go back to my scribbles and put more work in! Damn!

'Betty' aka Ellie :))

glad I can still stir
or inspire!

I would wake and watch the moon in the trees
hearing the freight head up the long grade where
the pine plantations were and the feilds in winter
I know of angels How they are about
I would be exhausted and still manage
to thnk about images and people
and an idea or thought about a story
or calming scene would lead me back to
bed and I was always convinced it was the
quill for writing dreams.. I used pens with
knibs for years for writing and fountian pens
rather then ball points or roller balls

Ideas dancing in my head as I fell asleep
the fire stoked and tended
the house allright

long ago those times
but the poem came back to me
the story of the muses

Thank You!

author comment

your imagination

is something worth a comparison even today as they say angels live far away i too see at night some coming about me as i in the darkness visit the loo and see an angel one like you all in shadows with a closed mind and a sigh as i return to bed what a relief the angel comes annd says wow you believe in me so we still exist and now go off to sleep we rest upon your shoulders perfume your nose we are still around for a second round.

rough draft a call of nature ..hahaahah


Like our real garden
How can one plant things before winter
and see life from frozen solid ground
come spring!!! I shall wait and see
if this "Miracle" occurs

Waiting with a sigh!!

author comment
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