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The Drum Beat

the drum beat
aching in my tooth
brought me to my knees....

one call, one appointment
i'm in the dental chair
the very next day....

tall dark and white
twenties babe with a smile
making sure I was fine...

I didn't leave my body this time
waiting in the white light above
as the pain was too much pulling out 6 teeth....

not this time
three blue lights
shaped of a diamond....

black blobs, color of blue night sky
one after another came and went
a tiny portal, white light comforted me....

I would be calm
fully alert pulling of my tooth
I didn't went into the portal of light...

no pain, numbing gel worked
needle didn't hurt
careful and precise, tooth is out

no more beat of the drum
aching in my tooth
that had me on my knees....

Editing stage: 


I happen to have a root and canal issue which I can't do until 10 days from now when I can get to the dentist, (my brother in law.) So I have the throbbing now, (low grade) and can surely relate!! I can't wait till the throbbing is over with.

That experience of getting a tooth pulled- that sound, pop, that feeling, that whole experience is very unique...explore it more in this poem. make the image personal, find a way of expressing the event with images. Describe the dentist...did he have moustache? some mustard on his collar? add spice to the poem.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

i didnt have the sound or pop, i did have the pulling feeling i mentioned in the poem....i will describe the dentist for you

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