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fragrant drench
coiled sleeping
the dampness

drop by rolling drop

the concourse rivers
full of detrius droll
evolving slowly
a bright and tinted flow

If I knew
the pressed
and ready
buried depths
between margins

how we lived
against our
and breathed
the spacial sighs
while snow
walked against
a mirror world

night waited
and wolves walked

snow globe parcels
of niche crept minutes

static fed dreams
and we starved
on breadcrumbs
kept humble
by the humility of want

an ache of it
against our souls
stretching like dusk

I can find you
safe in the spines
of reason
like forests
of solitude

in post haste

Editing stage: 


green buggy
with plastic shield
miles as wheels wore
trains, concrete, stubs within water

black and white,
pictures framed

moon howling
camera rolling
mates up the street
kissed our dawn

lost vicious feline

Greenday sojourn
brave she felt

I sip
red wine again
and remember

tearing out walls
smashing kitchens
of unsuspecting

driving driving
no destination
vodka in the front
yearnings upon each seat

I pack her room
and weep

she leaves me for her own life
I hope it outshines ours

bravo once again on the magnificence
of your pen

I loved your mind
I loved your freedom

I dwell in oz
things cave upon me
thanks for being there


kick ass haircut....the great ego fed and sated and
never satisfied...a pack of smokes in the smooth
satin lined pocket...

pushing the child in the buggy
pressing photos in my books
constance a motion
a song as I fled the battles
as the love was razed

we drove forever
crashing into our arms
losing our religion
trembling upon mornings
brignt behind curtians
and white swans
shone on black open
rivers of winter

remember the hot drench
of flesh
as we fled lost in a passion
a hand run down the brow
and cheekbone
down the territory of an arched
throat and slender ribs
our history dissolving
like the snows
in the rains of spring

I cannot forget
nor wish this away

your clinique
your cigarettes
your kisses
your touch
our love

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