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Demographic shift

Some say he was sent by god,
but I admit he eases my fears

of that wave known to be coming:
the coloring, predicted long ago.

But prophecies tell of the future,
so why then, set before the eye,

a black man standing at head,
symbol of the coming wave?

Well now, we are back, puritans,
dismantling all his tainted works.

and we are bold enough to call
all no sayers, “only fake news”.

Yes, there had to be whitelash,
and we stand on solid ground,

with the wave of cultural shock
still sparking roots to throbbing.

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Hi Tyro,
Not sure why you call the poem Demographic Shift.

Is the black man helps you not to be afraid?
If yes, am with you for 8 lines.

I don't understand who are these puritans firmly withstanding the cultural shock.
What shock?

the last two lines are interesting but i don't understand what "roots to throbbing" means.


Hi IRiz, good to see you around.

The Trump poem inspired me to look at another aspect of Trump's rise.
It was already predicted in the 50's, (according to demographic records of the rate of births for whites and nonwhites) that the colored population would surpass the whites in the 21st century.

"Some say he was sent by god" Said about Trump by some of his supporters.

"a black man standing at head," Obama

Trump is actively trying to dismantle all of Obama's works.

A black man as president was enough to rattle conservative white america.

Whitelash was a word popular at the time to describe Trump's bandwagon.


The most powerful reaction
of mind on mind
is transference of sight

author comment

Wow only sent by God mistake I thought he was god ...that is god of the underworld

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