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No Rage

My poetic soul dreams to go
quietly and consciously;
but annulation haunts me

In my mind I believe
I have found bedrock;
but the fear lingers on.

When the last breath is near
will I die in my fashion,
will I gently let go;

shall there be faith to hold,
when it is time to return
that first breath taken?

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This is written so very beautifully with so much dignity, No rage is what you have exactly created within this piece so important to us all. your ending brings me to reincarnation.

Thank you...Teddy

this is so beautifully dignified! I agree with Teddy's comment.

always, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

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Hello tyro, beautiful written lamment and questionning. We have no answers to those questions, except to hope we go peacefully in our sleep.
I think the title, content and spacing are fine. No nits, best, Gracy

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies; fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends.” – Freddie Mercury

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