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d e s i r e

the sun catchs
what the moons wish
crescent turns
and harsh pressed burns

we are more then
works turning
pedestal silhouettes

cigarette smoke
and the dull fire
seeping into shadows

slink fast the tender

Editing stage: 


glisten quietly in all light
lifeless with meaning
polished nails
hair quaffed
slinked silk adorn alabaster skin
reflecting skewed reality
light fades with click of switch
waiting for dawns sweet nectar
fire of life to kiss them awake
importance redeemed
until make and model
kiss the glory farewell

the writer of I am Legend
included his effigies
and man has always
had is idols large and

commercial mannequins
come from the wax creations
long ago...turn of the century
they became mass produced
with plaster and more slicker
commercial procedures

twenties thirties design was austere
thing......In minature it is similar
to chess peices....doll collecting
figuring totems for sales
wealth status

I like the creative use of sales
product in theatric works
Its like storyboards
windowdisplays another fascinating
thing I enjoyed...

like to sell an idea
in less then a few steps
which past the old displays
is not many seconds
to make that many steps...

sell a dream...sell a fiction..
the older fairytales which
were superb woodcut
story boards were atrocious
with endings about the basic
sins or follies of man
or the idealizations of sucess
not always based on beauty
or perfection..

Thank You for your comments..

author comment

to read whats in your mind
is or was
you r just excellent


the world is not what it is..
we make our deals
brokered on presentable satisfaction


when I come back from the land of Lah
I will attempt to cull this way of
thinking aloud

Thank You.

author comment

what is LAH
i ONLY know all about ALLAH

only sexy ones can be
and actors

all else just do
because they have to

hope ur now out on your way
have a good day
and return to say
Oh! ah!what a day!


as usual another voyage into your mind set, as to Lah the only ref I have in my memory banks is "Lah Lah Land" where things are in a dimension that others would not believe.
We use the term "He's away in Lah Lah Land" for someone that is not being a part of us at that time, deep in thought or some such place.
"Away with the fairies" LOL..
Take care out there, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

SHALL meet in



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