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of consummation when minus it!

someone said consummate...
I wondered of what kind...
but isn't LONDON all heated up???
Come to Canada its normal ...
minus 37 at times, often
and all houses warm
no clothes needed
consummation is quite easy
ere the power fails
it never used to,
but now a day’s one can't say
Twould not do
so keep yourself warm
ere the guys come and storm
and try to you warm.
take it easy
be cozy
the summer is not far
except for Aussies as
one does say

''At forty fucking five degrees....''

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


So even without your signature we know it is you

thanks what signature should I have
do advise me please


author comment

So I know all about you. Perhaps pm with a photo?

I will continue
as long as I possibly will
for all including you

poetry we can exchange...
if you will all's up to you
spiders crawl on my back all over
this world is full of hellish folks ...
some curse
some abuse
some call you names uncouth
they exhibit their own culture .

so read me as you may
friends of course
we will stay..

hope you will too


author comment


do read my newer poem
on your dinner invitation


author comment

Loved it

do suggest what should be my signature thanks


author comment

Why do you call yourself loved?
Do you think you're from above?
Are you thin or are you fat
Have you acted like a rat?
Do you come from Canada
Is your name young Amanda
I know nothing about you
An d most others say so too
When I ask you to speak more
You reply so's not to show
Who you are or where you come from
Why you don't want us to let on
Are you black or are you white?
Are you someone of the night?
Please p.m me just today
So that I can to you say

I know you

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