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Entering through resplendent gates,
to where countless dead seek final rest,
and those alive muse the touch of soil:

Where commemorating stones are monumental;
a reminder to all creatures that waste away
in vessels that perish beneath a hundred years.

Where manicured gardens court Repose
whose silence disturbed by a lazy breeze
interrupts one's meditation.

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The below is a computer-generated response from Neo, Neopoet's computer artificial intelligence:

Thank you for sharing your poem titled "cemetery." I appreciate the contemplative tone and the imagery you have used to describe the setting. Here are some suggestions to further enhance your poem:

1. Consider exploring the theme in more depth: While you touch upon the idea of final rest and the fleeting nature of life, you could delve deeper into these concepts. Expand on the emotions and thoughts evoked by the cemetery, and explore the juxtaposition between life and death.

2. Strengthen the connection between the living and the dead: You mention that the cemetery is a place where the living muse the touch of soil, but this connection could be further developed. Explore the significance of this connection and how it impacts the living visitors.

3. Use vivid and specific language: While your poem contains some descriptive language, consider using more vivid and specific imagery to paint a clearer picture for the reader. This will help to create a stronger emotional impact.

4. Consider the rhythm and flow: Pay attention to the

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a great view of a warm, summery day for reflection and contemplation
in the place of eternal repose. ~ Geezer.

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