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behind the wafer blades
the poly lens bends the sky
all blue and laced

contrails of imaginative worry

sweep away in angles
the thick delicate dark
of night Mascara lick

brilliant shine
the dance of light
the luminous iris glow
catching bright

kiss kiss
and lightly shake
the curtsey bow
pleasantries take

Sit the order of dark
roast is arriving
bask in perfumes
start of mental divining

trust is trade
brusque and charged
as sex
the voice resounding
in our chests
is more
then just texts

mind sated filled
and far flung
we bid adieu
svelte goodbyes
against dusk

Editing stage: 


For Betty!

author comment

'sweep away in
the thick
delicate dark
of night mascara

Delicious and sensuous lexis....glad i've inspired you!


like sitting neath the stars moonless and radiant

I am watching "Goodfella's" at moment
but shall come back later
house full of family and guests

paternal figurehead sleeping
the "Family" out shopping
dogs and I watching the "fort"

but its beautiful and warm
before the ice rains predicted
the snows that will fall like
monarch ermine sighs

A muse yes..

the vesitige heart shall never
the winged cage
yearn for freedoms Beat

Thank You Betty

author comment

Mascara lick --- not sure why you capitalize mascara, not a brand name, spanish word
Sit the order of dark ---think this capital is maybe a typo

I was wishing this was free verse as the expressions/imagery are so powerful I felt the rhymes were a distraction, but that's just me being critical, this was a joy to read.
all the best

No Mascara is potent on women
(and the illusionist men)
No not a brand name
I would have said Maybelline then
or other...

It is a brand though
the khol dark affair
a branding of the eyes
to bring it out
like a tigress
or a bird


I am glad that my rhyme is preferred
free verse and my free verse is preferred

that my own writing is a joy is
a comfortable feeling though

I just remember my women and the
time they put in making themselves
appealing and "finished"

Spanish...the women

Thank You

author comment
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