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Bright Eyes

You were always there to welcome me, if I came to call
and I’d reach out to touch you, as you sat there in the hall.
Happiness was yours, just watching the children play
just like sleeping and eating, an important part of your day.

When I sat in the chair, you'd climb upon my knee
and with those bright eyes of yours, turn to look at me.
After a while you'd climb back down, heading for the door
going outside into the night to explore a little more.

You were always happy, when I took you in my arms
I could never help falling, for all your little charms
And wherever I go in my life and whatever I may do.
I’ll never meet another cat, more beautiful than you.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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thank you Ian, this poem is about my grandchildrens cat, after it had died.
take care,

author comment

a lovely tribute to your pet....shows how much pets impact our lives..


raj (sublime_ocean)

thanks for the response Raj,
take care,

author comment

thank you Shirley, for giving me such a nice comment. The poem is about Padme my grandchildrens cat, who passed away last year.

author comment
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