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Acid Reflux is no disease

Acid Reflux is no disease

just freeze
drink gallons of water
and inhale fresh breeze
never keep a stomach empty,
keep munching…
the stomach keeps producing acids
where and how will poor tummy use it
lest you arrange some feed

but never gorge
as all acid will
through ones throat forge

That much said in poetic form
my regrets
no clichés
no norms
nor metaphors
what for….
Poetry is just an expression
of the inner mind,
you may call it soul

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


A problem with Acid, we refer to it here as "Acid Reflux" if I* remember right Acid flux is used when soldering to clean a joint so that the solder can flow and join the two parts..
Is am I right ???????.
Still a good write..
Take care young Bard talk to you later, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

i am a scientist cum pseudo doc
and know
but this was composed off the cuff on Mands i think
u know

if you and I
did also not comment on each others works
we would by now have drowned
thank god would say
all Neos around


author comment

Wise advise - Shows a good knowledge of the inner workings of the stomach and body. It works on a mental / emotional level too. We are what we eat so they say. Don't over indulge is good advice. He he

Your mind is quite amazing! and your words flow with ease - and sometimes mystery ( which adds to it's charm ).

Love Mand xxxxx

One’s mind is what one wants it to be

I perform arts and science
most significantly
to share what little of what little i know
you all are elements of knowledge so

wisdom comes to those alone
who silently observe
but appear slow
but you know
they know as we all must a bit know
and as drops of water add up
to make a sea
so let it also with knowledge be


author comment

I remember when you said everything could be cured by meditation,

Leave it to health professionals, please

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

true, I was overly harsh.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

dear friend do take medicine

shut up
is not a mark of respect
from an elevated exalted person of your status
by the way
and for your information
no kid as you seem to think.....

and i observe you have blocked me i can't /couldn't post this for ur friend still

miss your stress...
applicable to me

all must see..


author comment

Your poem will not cure all acid reflux
and your poem about meditation curing all mental ills was dangerously erroneous.
I say this in the interest of truth and health.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

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