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What Does it Mean??

Why must I always feel like this
Sadness, with a heavy heart,
Like my life feels like it's gonna stop
And did it ever really start

I think I'm hearing voices, songs to be precise,
I thought it was the radio,
But no radio was in sight
I've caught a glimpse of something,
Out the corner of my eye.
But the music has intrigued me most....
Have I lost my mind?

If I died tomorrow,
Would the people I needed most
How could they care?
To them I'm already a ghost.

A Great Lady

To touch without shame,
To talk without fear,
To listen and be heard,
Is something I hold near.

A love we know will end,
Makes it a special love indeed,
A friend, a companion,
I am sure we all need.

For my accomplished accomplice

Smile stay be with me always
sexy lady eternal flame light of my life
wonderful haunting aching crying raging at imagined deceit
coming up for air with a smile and your golden eyes

You touched a place no one reached before
nights days all your crazy ways
wise alive carefree smile
companion friend don’t let this ever end

We’ve got so far to go
farther still when we get there
but I wouldn’t want to get there
with anyone but you


Thoughts on thoughts on thoughts
I never really gave them any thought

But as time goes on, my brain slowly rots
Forever consumed by my never-ending thoughts

Mindlessly clicking, scrolling, exploring
I wonder, does it ever get any less boring?

No, it doesn’t, but I can’t stop it now
It’s something my mind simply wont allow

I can’t let go of the memories we made
Each time you made my heart burn and ache

At the end of each day, it comes flooding back
Will these thoughts ever let me just sit and relax?

Another Day

Here comes another day
I hope things will be ok
The rains have come, and things are green,
I look for things that are never seen!

I feel despair when others are sad,
I feel the anguish when people are mad.
I feel the shame when someone's bad,
I feel the joy when someone's glad

My heart it aches when it feels sorrow
Sometimes I wish there was no tomorrow.
For today is here, what should I feel
Yesterday just went and it didn't feel real.

The Glamour Fell On Him

Love who were you
To this fallen tomb
Only I that without grave
May ask you
Was there some battle
To which you were a spirit
That you lay deathless
Without ease
Who was your tormentor
Who invokes the rivers rage
The heavens vengeful thundering
The earths restlessness
The beasts pity

Distant corners - fools do chime

I pace the quiet corners of my mind,
Down the hall:
echoes of remorse softly chime.
I dance with the pages of words unsaid,
A heavy cloak
weight of apologies left unread.

I fantasise about your lips spilling;
I weave intricate tapestries,
Heartfelt words
whispered pleas,
Seeking solace;
“come back to me”

Each syllable a tender embrace,
Each sentence is a hopeful grace.
reality's harsh light breaks through--
fragments, just a few.


I never understood what it means to be free.
Don't get me wrong, I do desire this,
But I am afraid that I can't comprehend the meaning of it.
Think about it...
I feel in my heart the need for freedom.
I feel in my soul a vibration that doesn't want to be obstructed.
I feel in my mind that I deserve it.
But I don't know how to embody it
Because this actual word is a prison.
What do I do with my freedom? With my free time?
I play some games that I used to like as a child

All my love

Venezuela's Angel Falls cascade down my face
When I think of you my love
I can only imagine how you must have felt
When your seedlings were uprooted from fertile ground before they could sprout
It must have reaped your womb apart to see them depart
Your memories of them fading with each sunset as you wondered if they've been watered and fed compost
I know this because
When you finally found them you watered them with a bucket full of love and compost big enough to fertalise the whole village


Green is the colour
Of the deep dark sea
Blue is the feeling
Deep within me

Red is the colour
Of the red sky at night
Yellow is the colour
Of the sun so bright

Black is the colour
Of a cave, deep and dark
Brown is the colour
Of an old trees bark

Grey is the colour
Of the socks I have on
One day these colours
In my heart will belong

Ha! Ha! Ha!
They're laughing at me
So I'll keep on thinking
Of trying to be free


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