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The Shadow Knows

Examine your shadow self
A darker side that lives in stealth
In unguarded moments it shows
What’s hidden inside, only the Shadow knows

A dark clusters of thorns
That strangled the rose
Why it didn’t survive
Only the shadow knows

Waging an internal war
When friends turn to foes
An ugly side reveals itself
Only the shadow knows

A fighter hawk descends on a dove
Why are you at war with what you love
There will be remorse after the abuse
Too weak to resist, there’s just no use

Self Eulogy

I was a collection of pixels
In the information age
A fancy bunch of font
Just a character on a page.

A typographical error
That has now been erased
Look back at my text messages
I'm sure you'll be amazed.

It is with a heavy heart
That I announce my demise
A few epithets to myself
Now it's time to eulogise.

I know it's just hyperbole
So forgive me while I enthuse,
No one can follow in my footsteps
Or begin to fill my shoes.



Books--Windows To Life

I have within my small abode
A collection of books,
A library,
A retreat from the daily life I lead.

The books that I read leave a vision in me
Of places now far, far away.
If I could paint, a picture I'd leave
Of places I've been to and dwelt.

England, Russia, Germany, France,
The words, they draw me in
To places I have never been,
But books have drawn me in.

Am thankful for the ones who write
Both now and in the past.
And teach me things I do not know
My knowledge now increased.

The Blues

I asked your favourite colour, and you described to me;
The colour of the skies, the oceans, the seas.

How could someone not love a colour so deep?
When it’s above and below, in everything you see.

But as time went on, I resented that colour,
For each time I saw it, it made me feel duller.

Was it so bad? To abhor the blue?
For the sole reason of losing you?

I learned to love every shade, every hue.
I even wore it, just for your view.



As the year’s end clicks toward twelve
Everyone is hoping for something new
If only it could somehow be reversed
The whole year is already rehearsed
Pleasing many, disappointing the few
So into laws of physics one can delve

To run once more, so all can try again
To get it right this time, avoid mistakes
A perfect performance, if one is able
But no such kind offer is on the table
So just move along, for all our sakes
And knowing regret is a kind of pain

Come December, Reworked (For My Geezer!)

She stands at the bathroom sink
in a glow of soft artificial light,
face to face with her reflection.
Applying nightly moisturizing cream
to the apples of her cheeks and
all the mountains and valleys.
They hold the lines and wrinkles
that tell the progressive
story of her life.
She wonders if it matters,
if anything can
stay the hands of time.
She struggles to find
the woman in the mirror
in the girl within her mind!


I woke up this morning with the devil by my bed,
“Have a shot of whiskey,” was the first thing that he said...
He poured some in a glass but I turned away in fear,
Then he told me to relax, “Don’t be rude, let’s have a beer...”

He tempted me with power and fame and fortune too,
“You only need to listen when I tell you what to do...
He told me Jesus Christ was nothing but a liar,
“And if you take these little pills, I’ll lift you so much higher...”



After all this time, and still no answer
I must ask the question why
I don’t consider myself a chancer
With letters sent and no reply

It’s confusion whilst never knowing
And a cold winter wind is blowing
But keeping warm all the while
As I recall that special smile

But can she ever know I’m waiting
It’s a serious question if one can cope
Yet all’s not lost, as still there’s hope
There’s pleasure in anticipating

But there is one thing never to miss
The genuine opportunity for a kiss



Whatever the reason prompt or cause
A smile in response, can offer proof
Sometimes it can be hard to convince
Especially if it is twisted into a wince
It may look strained, if one is aloof
Suggesting a need for a token pause

A smile is both a signal and reaction
Whether minimal or full toothy grin
A gesture that feels warm and sincere
Except when cold pressed lips appear
But if also seen in the eyes, it's a win
And can also signify deep satisfaction


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