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My Sister loves Freddy Krueger

my sister who dates Freddy Krueger
is safe 'cause she carries a Luger
it's a balance (of sorts)
-as he messes his shorts
when she points it and makes him eat boogers



A Thoughtful Reflection

I’ve been placed in detention today
For not paying attention in class
Teacher says it’s the price to be paid
But thank God my seats by the glass

‘What do I do, what do I do?’
In this classroom, all alone
I know what to do, admire the view
And with my thoughts, I’ll go with the flow

Not a cloud in the sky, but I do wonder why
When full of water they turn very dark
Because water is clear, even up in the sky
I’m not sure, so move on to the park

Pantry proselytism

Food and drink
comestible edible potable drinkable
sustenance habit reward
attraction diversion abstraction
whet stimulate satisfy
revive stir passion creativity
fill unmet appetites

Window to the red house

His small palms inside her secret pocket. He smiles, but She hates it. How different people get to know the touch.
It's small, delicate, impulsive. Like walking, shoes onto the floor, step curiously to the window.
Our little red riding hood :)

Perception's Lie

You spy a glimpse of her,
the happiest girl
Her smile so strong,
as she begins to twirl
Dancing with friends,
she never feels alone
Until you notice,
she never goes home

She sits in class and keeps her head down
Until someone says her name, she'll look around
Only to find it's just those boys
Mocking her, joking, always messing around



Alone at this old desk, gazing out
From inside this empty classroom
Looking at the world denied to me
Through that smeary window I see
Living a life where I could be free
But in here it feels just like a tomb
Out of touch, and no rules to flout

Love can be reminded about

I look her in the eyes, I am not her, but I try to understand her. Sun contours her face.
I think it’s lovely. Still, I try to, understand. But She is not easy. Being a woman, she reminds me of a flower.
Like a flower, so the woman, complicated. But her beauty. I can think about. Perfume, I can
dream about. I think she’s cute, but my favourite. My little adult woman.
She remained me today of how much one man can love a girl.

Waking up in the back of the police seat

Oh, bad, boy, oh, bad boy
What are you going to do?
When the cop is coming after you?
For better to act right
Not to play around
To curse and behave maliciously
Or else you serve
your time for crime
during a crisis
to be locked up
at the back
of a cop’s seat
in tears of horror
going for a long ride
to put behind the bar
in a misery state of mind
to defend your case
at your own expense
with every penny that you’ve saved
for the attorney’s cost
to bring you out




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