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Just when you thought it was all over
And told to wash your hands of it
One sneaky lingering look says it all
And it is still there, alive and kicking
Almost proud and not too surprised
Despite the rumour, love never dies

It can even explode into a supernova
Or make a pearl from an oyster’s grit
The blinding light from a lightning ball
And one can hear a timebomb ticking
Once a significant sound is recognised
Yet mostly, pure raw emotion applies

Ashes of a Life

Quarter-twenty bolts mixed with tie clips in the jewelry box
Dust-encrusted fedora and homburg hats stacked on a closet shelf
Row of ceramic mugs and goblets high on a wall-top
Small, floppy, stuffed toy dog askew on the living room couch
Sculpted wax dragon candle on a bedroom shelf
Bundle of hair tied up in a ribbon

These are the ashes of memories left behind
When the holders of those memories are no more
Destined for a trip in a dumpster to their final ending
These are the ashes of a life

No Name

Misty dewdrops clung to the airs demise,
Through shadows of bent thorns and vines,
You lay baron in the earths carpet,
Forgotten, the lady with no name.

Crimson currents raged against snowed banks,
Through moss rocks of black and green,
You lay gentle with hair cascading,
Forgotten, the lady with no name.

Dawn broke onto mountains sky high,
Through onto roads paved of ones destination,
You lay abandoned for salvage,
Forgotten, the lady with no name.



Nature is what a world wants us to see
Reflecting its history over many ages
What we know now is more than before
From a worldwide span to microscopic
A lifetime of study on this complex topic
Yet is a mere fraction of what is in store
Some images are captured in shiny pages
Showing us all what our place may be



How is it, that being happy is not yoU
All of the time, you need cheering uP
Perhaps, if I were to worry a little lesS
Potentially I might even see that smilE
Yet you enjoy showing you are upseT



We greet the sun at different times
As our planet turns into the light
And to the new moon, demurred
As I’m waiting for the alarm to ring
A new dawning can bring us hope
When I’m asleep, others are awake
It is time zones for goodness’ sake
But at the poles it’s a slippery slope
Yet communication is everything
As word can be more than a word
Verses translated, for a new insight
As from nature, inspiration climbs

Mantra for a better day

So what if you can’t reach any conclusions
choices unsure
direction lost
nothing resolved
peace of mind unattained

Reject self-centered ugly emotion
leave behind wasted energy
opportunities untaken
mistakes fear frozen tracks
self-inflicted pain

As Satch said, never look back
take a stand
be a part of something
maybe catch a little magic in the wink of an eye
a warm sweet smile

church hall confession

i do adore your brown eyes. they exude a comforting warmth when I gaze right into them. your every movement is effortless, as though simplicity is your essence. you bring back such a beautiful fragrance. with you, there's no need for pretense; our love remains unspoken, but never gone. your golden locks cascade gracefully to your shoulders, an angelic aura that surrounds you. this lustful love could never fade, believe me, it has tried. your imprint on my heart is indelible, and you are forever mine. please, my beautiful, never leave my side.



A table loaded with succulent choices
Roast meat and pies, November fayre
A generous feast, and is fit for a King
But it’s our kind of people here instead
There are millions without daily bread
Such misery that starvation can bring
There’s little sensitivity to such despair
As from afar I still hear hungry voices

My Words

At my worst, I am my biggest enemy.
Crippled by old wounds, misguided daggers spewing from my mouth.
Their only desire is to cut through the tranquility of my surroundings, ensuring the sudden jolt of a slammed door and a heated dispute.
If I tape my mouth will these thoughtless ramblings be silenced?
What does it take for me to see past the core ramblings of my words into the hurt that it hurls at others, plastering a look of disappointment across their faces?
My ramblings are a reflection of what I protect myself from.


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