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t o r r e n t p a i s l e y

stillness climbs
filling detrius daydream
touch the window
misted in its corners
and the sink
awakes in shadows
with another perfect
faucet drop

Editing stage: 


Once again, your imagery is sublime, bringing your words to life within my mind!

always, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

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there is much to be said about subtlety (sp)
sometimes Its nice to listen to the rain
(although I enjoy a good torrent)

thank you

author comment

the images that this one produces. Just one little thing; how about dropping the [and] from the line;
"and the sink awakes in shadows"? The lines preceding that, are another idea altogether. They should be separate lines, not connected with [and]. ~ Gee

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You are correct there is a separateness to that line
when I have more time I will try to edit these works
Now that Im not so afraid of them when I write
them and leave them here...!

author comment
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