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February 2015 contest

Start/end date: 
Tuesday, February 10, 2015 to Sunday, February 22, 2015
Contest description: 


Welcome to the first monthly "Point of the Spear" Neopoet monthly contest. This month's subject is door(s). Write either a rhyming or free verse poem about either a figurative or actual door(s). If you write a free verse make sure it has some poetic qualities such as alliteration or imagery. Please limit the poem to 30 lines.(A bit longer is acceptable but it better hold the judge's attention). *POST YOUR POEM IN THE STREAM, AND SELECT THIS AS THE CONTEST*. Beside the title put (Feb. contest). No entries will be accepted after midnight (your local time) of Feb 22. This will give the judge about a week for judging.

Sponsor(s): Scribbler
Judge(s): TBD

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