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Ever Again

You push me like a broken door
But I refuse to sway
Just tell me what you’re looking for
And I will change my ways

You say I won’t understand
That I should just let us break

It’s not that I don’t care
It’s just hard to show
You’re poisoning the air
It’s getting hard to know

You say I can’t understand
That I should just let us break

But I can’t say goodbye, to you anymore
I just can’t let you, walk out that door
Cause when you say goodbye to me
I know that we will never be
…Ever again

But I can’t say goodbye to you
Cause every time we do
We start to drift from view
I just can’t let you walk away
Cause I know when you say goodbye
Your heart will break

I know that we will never be
… Ever again

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
Please use care (this is a sensitive subject for me, do not critique harshly)
Editing stage: 


Love that introductory verse!
Sets the stage for what's to follow! Letting go is hard to do indeed! You have captured that well here!


thank you all for the kind words.
the lack of clarity was a bit intentional,
I was reflecting on the ending of a relationship, not being able to let go. how every action by one is usually misinterpreted by the other for a more evil intent.
its hard to say goodbye, to let things end, however sometimes that is exactly what is needed to be done.
"Everytime we do we drift from view" as in every time we say goodbye (meant as in more than just i'll see you another time) we drifted further and further from each other...
thank you very much everyone

-with what love could be...

Washing Tears

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