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A Pigeon Speaks @ Robert E. Lee Park

"No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion...People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love...For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite." ~ Nelson Mandela
Hey Mabel--you see that?
They're going to come to blows,
I'm telling you.  Some stupid human
is gonna get killed, I'm telling you.
(Pigeon talk is repetitious.)
Blimey!  Look at all the shit!
Who's gonna clean it up?
(It's not all about pigeon shit, is it?)
I wanna know what you think, Mabel! I sat on the Thompson roof and watched
that man with the flying-saucer-do talk on the tv at the Jefferson's house.
Do you think the reason for wanting to remove Robert E. Lee's statue
and renaming our favourite park can be equated to removing Washington
and Jefferson's statues because they, too, owned slaves?
Didn't Washington help win the Revolutionary War and Jefferson help
to create the Constitution of the United States?  And wasn't Robert E. Lee
at the helm of the other side--splitting the country into two...all to keep
the South's slave ownership intact.  Wasn't that the beginning of brother
against brother.  Much like it is now, thanks to the pussy grabber--
(All protests and protestors are created equal?)
And they say they don't understand pigeon talk.  Who will we poop on now?
One human life is worth more than a million million Lee statues.  Pigeons will
always find a place to poop.  Even if it's in mid air.  Even if it's on
Presidential Pompadours.

Last few words: 
My 2nd short short play. Hope it has enough tongue in cheek.
Editing stage: 


there is enough tongue-in-cheek here and I enjoyed it very much. For the TIC and the truth of it.
I'm thinking that the men that signed the "Constitution" didn't really believe in the words at all.
Funny how when an idea or proposal takes money out of a man's pocket, they can degrade another human being and make them less than another; not really human. One of the first premises of war, is to make anyone that you fight against, less than human. That way, you can feel good about taking away their rights and/or eliminating them. You are right, let's take down the statues of Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and any of the other so-called founding fathers of this nation that owned slaves and burn the paintings, smash the sculptures and start all over. Or better yet, let's live up to those words and ideals and forget about the past and live for the future!
~ Gee.

There is value to commenting and critique, tell us how you feel about our work.
This must be the place, 'cause there ain't no place like this place anywhere near this place.

Thank you for the well-considered response.

I truly think the founding fathers were inspired by being alive in one of those "a time that came to be"...

We are now in a time that can make us or break us and our Constitution.. which was always an ideal to live up to.


author comment

I sometimes join you in wondering what critters think about the foibles of us "superior" humans lol. But "Blimey"??? was the pigeon british ? lmao

The pigeons I overheard were descendants of the Mayflower pigeons. :-)


author comment

Keeping it real!

A doff of the hat, hoping there
are no pigeons near.

Ha. Nothing but pigeons in my neck of the woods, they roost on neighborhood roofs. So far their shit hasn't hit my head.

Thank you for the doff of your hat, Moonman.

author comment

I just want to acknowledge that I was here and read this
don't want to speak of politics though
too incendiary, even if on most issues we would agree.
one slight difference, and who knows where it would go from there
so, i'll just say, it was fun, and cheeky enough to enjoy your rhetorical sensebilities

later,you pigeonist you....


Pigeonist! I have found my *cause célèbre*. Thank you.

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