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the sparkling stainless and quartz of modern kitchens

there's a boneyard to the left
of the kitchen

ten thousand elephants
have wondered through

like triumphant

like memories chained together
in dust

Editing stage: 


design and ritual
based on the stripped
down nobility of passage
death and rebirth

chained together
the repetition of it all
being enlivened
never straying from
the fondness of its lines
deaths and rebirths

a pheonix ode

Thank U!

only the ivory is the most precious
not a part of the kitchen
but its extinction of the animal
that carries it..
like the life it carries
and the inhabitants of the kitchen

an extinction

how many dreams
and dramas spent
in kitchens
one of the most
important places
in all cultures...

fittingly I am listening to
wearing my hip TOMMYJEAN
grey t shirt.
quartz and stainless
my friends flipped
properties all have
"chained memories"
fave line
because the chains
dont hold the elephants
like ideals for humans
the mere presence
on the ankle does it..

excellent clever poem!

again..thank U!

a time was..
ivory handled carving knifes and
setting with sterling...
now I remember!


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